3 Tips for Renting Out Charter Buses

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a long distance trip for a large group of people.  One of the most important decisions is picking the right charter bus service.  While the right charter bus service could end up being a lot of fun, picking the wrong one could end up being a complete disaster.  With so many charter buses to pick from, where do you start?  We’re here to offer you 4 crucial tips to help you in your quest for the perfect company.

Price isn’t Everything.

Personally, I shop around for everything.  As a business owner I have learned to look past the marketing and search for real substance, whether I’m purchasing a product or a service.  However, with a charter bus service I would advise you not to necessarily pick the company with the lowest price.  Many times a lower price could result in getting a very old bus or poor service.  It is common for charter bus companies to reserve the newer buses first at a higher price, and rent out the older prices last for a lower price.

Size Matters. 

For the charter bus business size certainly matters.  When originally working in Charter Bus Charlotte we would do business with many charter bus companies.  What I learned the hard way is not to go with smaller companies.  While their service is certainly more personal, the issue is that they do not have enough resources.  In the ground transportation business, there will always be problems.  This is a hard fact for many people to accept.  If it has an engine or motor it will break down sooner or later.  Large companies have the resources, extra drivers and buses, to utilize when something goes wrong.  For this reason it is better to use a large company.

Insurance & Drivers.

This is key! Make sure the company has up to $5 million of liability insurance.  The only reason why this is important is that it is a gauge of the company’s financial strength.  A company that has insurance has experience.  Additionally, ask if the drivers of these charter buses have the proper background check and licenses.  All Charter Bus Charlotte drivers were required to go through drug testing and background checks.

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