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The premier motor coach & charter bus rental company servicing Brooklyn, New York. Book your charter bus now by calling 855-826-6770.



Brooklyn Bus Rental

Rent a Charter Bus in Brooklyn

GoGo Bus Services is the premier motor coach and charter bus rental company in Brooklyn, New York. We have the largest selection of charter buses, mini buses, and motor coaches in the area. We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions in a New York minute – and we’re the company that never sleeps, just like the city itself. Brooklyn has a lot of great attractions to check out. This city on the edge of the Hudson River is a part of the greater city of New York, and contains some of the most well-known attractions in the United States. The hustle-bustle of this modern metropolis is paired with some of the best food and most interesting landmarks available on the East Coast.

Coney Island

Immerse yourself in a part of history by visiting Coney Island. This amusement park has been an iconic part of the New York experience since the 1800s. A residential neighborhood and beach, this historic area is famous for its sightseeing as well as food. Coney Island hot dogs, or Coneys, are still eaten at Coney Island and also at chain restaurants all over the world. After all, Coney Island is where the first hot dog was invented.

Brooklyn Bridge

This world-famous structure has been featured in countless television shows and films. It is a cable-stayed suspension bridge and one of the oldest in the United States. Designed by John Agustus Roebling, the bridge was opened in 1883. Built with caissons, two large upside-down boxes filled with compressed air, many workers got the bends while constructing the bridge. Since the bends were unknown at the time, they called it ‘caisson sickness’. Just after opening, there was a rumor that the bridge was going to collapse, causing a stampede that killed at least twelve people. P.T. Barnum solved this problem by leading 21 elephants safely across the span of the bridge, convincing the public that the bridge was safe. Today, the bridge is lit at night to highlight its architectural design, and has become a favorite landmark for both visitors and inhabitants of New York.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is considered one of the best ways to see New York. Traveling between Manhattan and Staten Island, the 5.2 mile journey offers breathtaking views of the city that will please any photographer. Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there is ample opportunity to take advantage of the trip. The ferry is also free of charge, making it one of the best bets for visitors to New York. The newest Staten Island Ferry boat will be named after the oldest, continuously-inhabited African-American community that began with freed slaves, honoring the variety and background of the people who were a part of Staten Island and the United States.

New York Harbor

This is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Located at the mouth of the Hudson River, New York Harbor is a sight to see. Home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, this waterway is steeped in history. The massive influx of 12 million immigrants to the United States between 1892 to 1954 shows the impact the world has had on the United States. From the days of immigrants setting foot on American shores for the first time, to today’s cruise ships, tourist excursion boats, and commercial shipping vessels, New York Harbor is one of the busiest and most interesting ports in the United States.


There’s nothing like New York food. The mouth-watering options from every corner of the globe are available, and fans of New York pizza will not be disappointed with the fare. Some of the great Jewish delis are here, offering pastrami on rye sandwiches that will leave you yearning for more. Every neighborhood has cuisine related to a different part of the world, so depending on your particular interests you can choose which one suits your palate best. Some well-loved dishes are associated with New York, such as Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newburg, and the black and white cookie. Whatever your fancy, there are so many kinds of cuisine available in New York that even the most exacting traveler will be thrilled with the options available. Conclusion If you’re looking to experience one of the most diverse and quintessentially American cities in the country, reserving a bus with GOGO Charters is a great way for your group to visit the sights of New York. Its many shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions mean that visitors will not have a dull moment during their visit. Hiring a bus is one of the best ways to see the area in style, particularly for larger groups interested in all that the area has to offer. If a combination of great food, sightseeing, and American history appeal to you, then New York is a great option for your next trip. Let GOGO Charters help you make your visit a memorable one.


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