If I asked you where you should go on a family vacation this year, half of you would say Disney. Don’t believe me?

As I was going through Google trends travel data for the last 12 months I decided to run some data to see what travel destination each state was searching for the most. As I went through the data there were places I had never heard of before, but also a couple of other key take-aways.

Disney Owns The USA

I was surprised or not surprised to see that Disney owns America. For half of the states, Disneyland or Disney World was the top searched destination. For the other half of the states, Disney was at least in the top 5 if not a close #2.

This brings me to ask 2 questions. Is there really so little to do in America that Disney is in the top 5 in every single state? Or is it simply the fact that Disney’s marketing department has done such an amazing job making us feel like there are no other reasonable options we Americans should consider when making travel plans? I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that they now also own the two biggest film properties in the world, Marvel and Star Wars. I must admit that I am just as guilty as the rest of the blue states, having taken my family to Disneyland at least a dozen times. Either way, note to self 20 years ago, invest in Disney.

Hawaii Is A Narcissist

It wasn’t very surprising to see the people of Alaska searching for warmer temperatures and beaches so Hawaii seems like the perfect fit. I didn’t expect that Hawaii would also be so in love with themselves that they also chose Hawaii as the top tourist destination.

Some Attractions Have A Big Geographical Pull

Yellowstone National Park seems to have a big pull geographically as it is the top searched attraction for Idaho, Wyoming and Montana which all surround the giant park. Myrtle Beach also seems to have a big pull for nearby states as South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, and even Virginia all seem to love the beach.

Overall I was surprised to see such a lack of diversity in top destinations. I guess when you are living in your state you want to go see an attraction from another state and when is Disney seems to be everywhere all the time it is always on the top our minds.


You’re asking the same question I was, what the heck is Snoqualmie? Don’t worry, we found an answer thanks to our friends at Google. This funky name that is fun to say is actually Washington’s state most scenic attractions. Snoqualmie Falls brings in 1.5 million visitors every year. If you choose to grace the falls with your presence, you will find a 2-acre park, gift shop, observation deck, the Salish Lodge and the famous 270-foot waterfall.

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