Corporate Bus Rental From GOGO Charters

Corporate bus rental from GOGO Charters

Trying to book a corporate bus rental for your employees when attending corporate events can be difficult. When your colleagues have to drive their own vehicles, there is not a guarantee that everyone will arrive on time. Transporting a small or large group of people is made easy with GOGO Charters, whether you are traveling within city limits or crossing state lines. We offer a variety of vehicle sizes, no matter what the needs are of your trip, we have you covered. We know that being comfortable and arriving on time is an important factor when choosing corporate bus transportation for your event. Hire a charter bus for your corporation and the possibilities are endless.

Renting a charter or mini bus is the most efficient way to travel If you and your group are traveling across state lines or traveling throughout the city. With plenty of storage, ample legroom and ways to connect to the Internet and charge your devices, you won’t even feel like you are on the road. If you are trying to transport your colleagues from the airport to a convention, rent a charter or mini bus with us and travel in air conditioned vehicles comfortably. There is no need to worry about navigating through traffic or getting directions, our highly trained drivers do all of that for you. Being hands free of driving allows you to focus on other things that are more important. Chartering a bus permits you to travel as a group.

Traveling all together allows you and your employees to prepare for your upcoming event. Maybe you are traveling to meet with a client and you need some last minute time together to prep for a big presentation. Or maybe you simply just need to catch up on some last minute phone calls or emails. Most of the vehicles we offer are newer models with luxurious interiors and exteriors. The vehicles on our platform come equipped with state of the art amenities such as flat screen televisions, power outlets, Wifi and clean lavatories. You and your group can answer emails, have access the Web and work on those last minute details before you reach your final destination.

We understand what hard work means, that is why our staff is available 24/7 to assist you with all of your needs. You and your group deserve the best that is why we take pride in providing excellent customer service. Ensuring you and your colleagues have the most convenient trip yet is our number one priority. Entrust us with your trip today and you will not be disappointed.

Private Charter Bus Rental

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Who wouldn’t want their own personal driver? Instead of driving to the event, sit back and relax and let one of our highly trained professional drivers take you to your final destination. Don’t let time finding directions and navigating through traffic take away from your time with family and friends, leave the getting there to us. If you need to transport a group for a private event, GOGO Charters has the services to meet your needs. We know how to make any event exclusive with one of our charter or mini buses. Whether you are transporting your group for a day out in the city or across state lines, we can provide you with private bus transportation.

Most of our vehicles come with luxurious interiors including, plush seating, surround sound, power outlets and wifi. You and your group can stay connected to post pictures, surf the web or listen to your favorite songs during your trip. When prom season arrives, make it memorable and rent a mini bus to shuttle them to the event. These buses hold up to 18 people and most come equipped with flat screen televisions, leather seating and extra leg room to spread out.

Renting a bus out for prom is way more exciting than riding with your mom. You will never have to worry about the safety of our buses, as for all of our drivers are certified and highly trained. When your birthday rolls around, make your night even more magical and rent a charter or minibus for you and all of your friends to ride around town in. When you finally sign a deal with the ideal client and want to impress them, rent one of the luxury mini buses on our platform and take them to dinner. They will be happy they chose you.

Booking a charter or minibus for a private event doesn’t have to be expensive. Planning your event should be what you spend the most money and time on, the last thing you want is to have to spend a ton of money on transportation. We work hard to ensure you receive the best quote and service in the industry. Book with us and spend your money on the things that matter most. Your private charter bus rates should be affordable and we make sure it is just that. We are experts at planning the most cost efficient ways to get you to and from your event.

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Call one of our friendly representatives for a free quote today. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and to help you plan perfect ways transportation. We promise to put our best foot forward so you receive the best options for transportation at the right cost.

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