Shuttle Service for Hospital and Medical Workers

GOGO Charters can provide hospital and medical shuttles for essential workers.

Shuttling Hospital & Medical Staff

During these difficult times, the last thing hospital and medical personnel should have to worry about is how they’ll get to work. Remove one source of stress for your nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and office staff by booking a shuttle service to carry them to the hospital or clinic each day. GOGO Charters has experience in setting up long-term shuttle service, and we can help your team find the buses you need when you call us at 1-855-826-6770.

Take control of health and safety measures.

On public transit, you have no direct control over whether other people wear masks, how often the train or bus seats are sanitized, or how close people will sit or stand. A private bus offers you the ability to set your own regulations.

Require passengers to wear masks and receive temperature checks, ask your driver to sanitize at the end of each trip, or request a 56-passenger charter bus even if you only need to transport 25 people so everyone has ample room to social distance. Your driver will always wear a mask and make sure the bus gets cleaned, and your team will only be exposed to people they already work with instead of to hundreds of strangers.

Customize routes and schedules to accommodate everyone.

Public transportation often serves the center of cities but doesn’t extend fully into the outskirts or suburbs. With a shuttle service, you can create your own route and pick up employees even if they don’t live in downtown LA or midtown Manhattan.

Public transit is also often designed to accommodate 9-5 work schedules. Far more buses or trains will run at 7:30 a.m. or 5 p.m. than at midnight or 4 a.m. But hospitals don’t work on a 9-5 schedule. A private shuttle can accommodate shifts that start and end at any time. Just let us know when you need transportation, and we’ll provide it.

Nurse comforting old man, both wearing masks

Ensure your transportation is accessible.

If members of your team need accessible transportation, navigating train and bus stations can be tricky. GOGO Charters has access to ADA-compliant buses with wheelchair lifts, wider aisles, wheelchair seating, and railings along the stairways. And when you request an accessible shuttle, you’ll always have one.

The buses in our network also come with amenities that are helpful for everyone but can provide extra comfort for those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Climate control ensures your team won’t get too hot or cold, and overhead storage space gives workers the opportunity to place backpacks and bags above their heads and stretch out their legs.

Let everyone relax after an exhausting shift.

12-hour shifts are difficult even when the world is normal, and a pandemic is certainly not normal. You and your coworkers deserve to relax on the way to and from work, and GOGO Charters can help with amenities like reclining seats and free WiFi. Instead of battling traffic or squeezing onto a crowded train, you can lean back in a plush seat, shut your eyes, and listen to your favorite music or podcast without burning through your data.

Show your staff you appreciate them with a shuttle service.

Medical and hospital workers deserve as much comfort as possible during this physically and emotionally draining time. A shuttle service can help you say “thank you” by removing the stress of commuting by car or public transportation. Your employees can get picked up where they live and climb back onto a comfortable, clean, private bus once their shift is over. If you’d like to show your coworkers how much they mean to you, call GOGO Charters at 1-855-826-6770 to book a medical employee shuttle today.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to rent a shuttle but you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a few guides to help start your journey.

  • Start by reading our complete guide to charter bus rentals to find out why charter buses are a great option for group travel.
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed about the variety of bus types, check out our guide to choosing the best bus type for your group to see which bus you might want to rent.
  • Wondering about prices? Read our pricing guide to see what you can expect before you call and receive your free, personalized quote.

Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the rental process. Give us a call today at 1-855-826-6770 to secure transportation for your next trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Price may vary depending on location, how long you’ll need the bus, and other factors. For more information, check out our pricing guide or call us at 1-855-826-6770 for a free, personalized quote.

Yes. Contact our reservation specialists at 1-855-826-6770 for more details about smaller transportation options.

Yes. We can send pictures of your bus upon request.

You can reserve as many buses as you need. We’ll put together a fleet that’s perfect for you.

You’ll be able to choose from amenities such as on-board restrooms, televisions with DVD players, plenty of storage space, reclining seats, and more. Smaller buses may offer different amenities. WiFi and power outlets can be requested at no additional charge. Our reservation specialists can answer any other questions regarding amenities 24/7 at 1-855-826-6770.

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