College Campus Shuttle Bus Rental

Planning events on- and off-campus can be easy and stress-free with custom, private charter bus rentals.

Why GOGO Charters?

You need reliability, simplicity and professionalism when booking a transportation rental, and GOGO Charters can help you on all fronts. We can pair you with a variety of shuttle bus options from 18-passenger sprinters to 28-passenger minibuses to 56-passenger motorcoaches. Whether you’re taking a group of high-school seniors to explore a few college options or you’re planning a large-scale on-campus event for students, faculty and staff, you can rely on GOGO Charters to find you safe and comfortable transportation. Call our team of reservation specialists at 1-855-826-6770 anytime, 24/7, to get your trip started.

Comfortable, Custom Trips

The benefits of private transportation can make your students’, faculty and staff’s time on campus simple and hassle-free. From its route to its itinerary and capacity, you can customize your college campus shuttle bus to fit your needs. Shuttle buses are also equipped with amenities like air conditioning and heat and ample storage space, and you can request a bus with WiFi and power outlets to keep passengers connected while in transit. With a professional driver to rely on, passengers can relax and focus on lesson plans or studying rather than worrying about parking and campus traffic.

Long-Term Campus Shuttles

Help your students enjoy safe, easy travel between classes with ongoing shuttle services across your campus. Schools with sprawling campuses and dozens of buildings—like Michigan State University in East Lansing and Texas A&M University in College Station, two of the largest campuses in the United States—can benefit from private shuttle routes. Students, especially those who don’t own a private vehicle, will find custom routes and private shuttles invaluable when it comes to getting to class on time.

If your campus is in a busy, bustling city like New York City or Seattle, different buildings may be scattered around town. We can help you plan a couple of routes that take students past all of your busiest buildings and run on a loop all day. Current students can store their heavy backpacks in overhead storage, sit back, and be grateful they don’t need to rely on public trains or buses. For prospective freshmen, they may be more inclined to apply knowing they can enjoy stress-free, school-provided transportation between classes as they adjust to their first year of university life.

Transportation for Teams and Sporting Events

Want to give your sports team’s fans another thing to cheer about? Offer them a safe and reliable way to get to the big game! With a dedicated charter bus fleet for student fans, away games can be just as boisterous and lively as home games. When you call our long-term shuttle experts at 1-855-826-6770, ask about options for wrapping your rental with your school’s colors and mascot. Your biggest competition will be stunned to see loads of loyal fans pour out of a custom charter bus fleet ready to support their team

You can also reserve season-long sports team transportation for your student athletes. Charter buses are safe, comfortable, and fitted with plush seats, plenty of legroom, and a climate-controlled cabin. There’s also abundant storage for sporting equipment. Let your athletes toss their duffel bags in the overhead bins while their heavy football helmets, lacrosse sticks, or baseball catcher’s gear go in the undercarriage storage bays.

If your school is famous for its sports team and dedicated fans, you may want private shuttles to help smooth out game-day travel logistics. For example, during football season, schools like the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Georgia in Athens have hordes of fans cheering on their school teams! You can set up a shuttle service between your school’s stadium and remote parking lots to minimize traffic and give football fans quick and reliable transit to and from the field. At GOGO Charters, we can help you set up dedicated sporting event shuttles to last all season.

Safety Always Comes First

We prize the comfort and safety of your students and faculty just as much as you do. GOGO Charters follows strict safety protocols when it comes to working with providers, and we make sure every bus booked with us is up-to-date on safety standards and operated by licensed, experienced drivers. Maybe you need shuttle service on campus during an icy winter season and want a driver who knows how to operate a bus in the snow. Or maybe you want to give rowdy young sports fans the option to rely on a professional driver to take them to a championship away game. When you book with GOGO Charters, you can be confident knowing your trip is in the hands of experts.

Shuttle Services for Greek Events

Hosting a social for your fraternity or sorority? Planning a weekend sisterhood retreat? Need transportation for a large-scale philanthropy event? We know Greek life is busy, so let us help you arrange the shuttle service you need to make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

If you’re at a school where Greek life is the life (like Welch University in Nashville or Furman University in Greenville), you may find yourself needing reliable event transportation all year long. For example, maybe you need to rent a shuttle bus or charter bus to get all of your sisters to the chapter spring formal together and on-time. Or maybe your fraternity is hosting a 5K run for charity and you need a shuttle to transport runners from the finish line to the post-run pancake breakfast!

Campus Tours for Prospective Students

Don’t give prospective students a reason to overlook your college or university. To ensure visitors can easily imagine advancing their education at your school, offer robust and professional campus tours with a private shuttle bus. You can rent a sprinter or minibus to carry touring students through the best of your campus multiple times a day.

To showcase the best of your school, why not rent a small fleet and offer multiple tour options? Looking to recruit the best high school athletes to your school but also show off your renowned art program? Send one shuttle toward the gym and football field and another toward the theater and studios. With a private shuttle bus rental, you can customize your campus tours for your needs.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to rent a bus but you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a few guides to help start your journey.

  • Start by reading our complete guide to charter bus rentals to find out why charter buses are a great option for group travel.
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed about the variety of bus types, check out our guide to choosing the best bus type for your group to see which bus you might want to rent.
  • Wondering about prices? Read our pricing guide to see what you can expect before you call and receive your free, personalized quote.

Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the rental process. Give us a call today at 1-855-826-6770 to secure transportation for your next trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Price may vary depending on location, how long you’ll need the bus, and other factors. For more information, check out our pricing guide or call us at 1-855-826-6770 for a free, personalized quote.

Yes, we offer a 5% discount for nonprofit organizations. 

Yes, but you will need to reserve your bus for one extra day before and after your rental agreement to account for the time it takes to wrap and unwrap the bus.

Most of the time, yes. If you leave a mess behind, you will need to pay a $250 cleaning fee.

Nope! You can reserve as many as you want, depending on availability. We’ll put together a fleet that’s right for you. 

Yes, we charge by the hour with a 5-hour minimum.

While tipping is not required, it’s highly appreciated. We recommend tipping your driver 10-20% of the total cost.

No, our operations team will secure parking, drop-off, and pickup locations prior to your trip.

Yes, our bus rental options range from 18-passengers all the way to 56-passengers. 

You will need to negotiate break times between you and your driver(s) prior to your trip; however, drivers are legally required to take an 8-hour break after they’ve been driving for 10 consecutive hours.

You can request a variety of amenities such as on-board restrooms, flat-screen TVs with DVD players, reclining seats, storage space, WiFi, power outlets, and more. Smaller buses may offer different amenities than full-sized charter buses.

Yes, we require a deposit of 30% of your total trip cost when you book your rental.

You will be required to pay your balance in full 30 days before your trip date.

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