GOGO Charters Leadership Team

Meet the leaders and managers that make GOGO Charters go.


Farzin Parsa - President

Farzin Parsa brings three decades of experience in both leadership and group transportation to GOGO Charters. As President, Farzin combines his experience to foster community among the customer service team while finding innovative new ways to optimize the charter bus booking process. “Our customers and our partners in the bus industry trust us to uphold the highest standards of operations--it’s my job to meet those expectations.”

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Regional Managers

Sam Martinez

Sam Martinez has spent over 20 years in the industry building a passion for group transportation logistics. Having worked with bus operators of all shapes and sizes, Sam focused on analyzing GOGO Charters's day-to-day operations to ensure our booking process is smooth, easy to understand, and easy to navigate for both customers and our in-house team. 


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Sharon Zhang

Sharon Zhang has been working in group transportation for more than 15 years. Sharon started her career at a small business with a fleet of just a few buses, and has since worked to help multiple bus operators grow and service a wide range of clients. At GOGO Charters, Sharon hopes to help us grow our network to service even more cities across North America. 

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Michael Khadem

A veteran of the army, Michael Khadem earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, believing that higher education is essential for success. After being honorably discharged in 1996, he settled in Texas. A few years after completing his education, Mr. Khadem started a transportation company that would become one of the largest in Texas. Michael is not only an exceptional leader and multitasker but also an innovator in the group transportation space.

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