Employee Shuttle & Corporate Transportation Services

When it comes to transporting employees to and from work, GOGO Charters has everything you need to choose the perfect private shuttle that runs on your preferred route.

Why GOGO Charters?

GOGO Charters provides corporate shuttle service for employees to businesses of all types. You can trust us to ensure that your employees travel safely and arrive on time to work every day! Our reservation team is available 24/7 at
1-855-826-6770 to book the perfect minibus for all of your employee shuttle needs.

A few of the companies we’ve worked with…
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Our Long-Term Shuttle Services for Employee Transportation

Beyond one-and-done trips and short-term rentals, GOGO Charters offers long-term contracts for ongoing employee shuttle services.

Commuter shuttles are known to help reduce traffic and improve your employees’ productivity once they reach the office. Think about it—with a commuter shuttle at their disposal, they can spend less time stressing over traffic, and more time catching up on emails while on the road (You want WiFi? We can get you WiFi).

Call 1-855-826-6770 today to reach our long-term reservation team, and let GOGO Charters be your provider of safe and efficient daily shuttle services to your office!

An Alternative to Public Transportation

With a private shuttle bus service, you don’t just get to determine where your shuttle goes and when it arrives. You also have control over how often surfaces are sanitized, how far apart your employees must sit, and what safety precautions everybody must take to prioritize the health of your employees. No matter how many people you need to shuttle, GOGO Charters will be your provider of safe, reliable transportation you can count on.

Multiple Transportation Solutions

Whether your employees need reliable transportation to and from work every day, a temporary shuttle around campus in the midst of construction, or a twice-daily shuttle service to an offsite parking area, we’ll be more than happy to help arrange a circuit that fits your needs. You’ll get to build a custom route that runs on your preferred schedule and services your office exclusively.

Productive On-Board Amenities

Employees can get some extra work done on the road with WiFi and power outlets available by request. Your shuttle can also function as a collaborative mobile workspace, allowing employees to share ideas, prepare for upcoming presentations, and stay current on industry news while they travel. Alternatively, employees can take some time to relax on the road with reclining seats (also available by request).

Employee Shuttle Services in Your City

Don't see a specific city? We can likely still help. Call us at to learn more.

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Why should I book a corporate shuttle for my employees?

A shuttle service is a great perk to offer to your office, and it can provide a multitude of benefits to you, your employees, and even the environment. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why you should consider it!

  1. It can increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Most employees hate sitting in cars for hours a day on their commute, and although public transportation is a great alternative, public transit routes don’t operate near everyone’s home. Commuting on an employer-provided shuttle allows employees to relax while they’re on the road while someone else handles the driving. Plus, with WiFi and power outlets readily available, employees can check their meeting schedules for the day, respond to a few quick emails, and make their to-do lists before they even reach the office. With commuting stress out of the way, employees will start off the workday on the right foot. 
  2. It’s a safe alternative to public transportation. If the COVID-19 pandemic has employees worried about taking public transportation, a private, company-provided shuttle might help everyone feel more comfortable with travel. You can set your own guidelines regarding social distancing, mask-wearing, temperature checks, and sanitation, providing a controlled environment in which employees feel safe. 
  3. It’s better for the environment. What’s better: 20 individual cars on the road carrying one person each, or one 20-passenger minibus carrying 20 people? Reducing traffic congestion on the road is always a win for the environment (as well as your city’s air quality), as one bus emits significantly less CO2 than 20 cars. By providing a shuttle service for your employees, you’ll be helping them reduce their carbon footprints, and helping to remove unnecessary vehicles from your city’s roads.
  4. It makes you more attractive to new recruits. Providing a private shuttle service might give you an edge over other employers in your area. If your office isn’t located near a public transportation stop, your shuttle might be the reason why someone who typically relies on public transportation chooses your office over another. Plus, for all of the reasons stated above, your current employees will be happy with the perk as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shuttle Services

  1. How much does a shuttle service cost? Your shuttle service cost will depend on how long you need your shuttle and what type of bus you book. You can refer to our pricing guide or give our team a call at 1-855-826-6770 to learn more.
  2. Is it safe to use a shuttle service right now? GOGO Charters is taking extra precautions to keep our passengers safe and healthy during every trip. We can help you set up mask mandates, temperature checks, and onboard social distancing to ensure that all passengers feel comfortable on your shuttle. This way, passengers may feel more comfortable with a private shuttle service than they do with public transportation.
  3. What type of shuttle bus can I book? You can book any type of bus that best suits your group, whether it’s a compact minibus or full-sized motorcoach. We can also build a custom fleet if you need to transport a large group of people.
  4. Can you get WiFi on a shuttle bus? Yes! GOGO Charters can find you a shuttle bus with WiFi so that passengers can check emails or browse the internet. Other amenities include reclining seats, air conditioning, and PA systems, all available upon request.
  5. Where are shuttle services available? GOGO Charters operates across the United States to bring you the widest possible coverage area. Whether you’re in a major city or a small suburb, we can find a shuttle bus to service your workplace.