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GOGO Charters wants to make commuting around Houston as easy as possible with reliable corporate shuttle services. Reserve a shuttle to transport employees to and from work or to local conferences and conventions. Call us anytime at (281) 407-2654 to rent a bus and give your colleagues an easy ride with a Houston charter bus rental!

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Houston Employee Shuttle & Corporate Transportation Services

As the biggest city in Texas, Houston can be stressful for commuters. According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Houstonians waste more than 75 hours a year in traffic. Spending the morning stuck on the highway for miles isn’t a great way to kick off the workday, and crowding on the often unreliable METRO isn’t the best alternative either. Booking a corporate shuttle is a wonderful way to transport employees to and from work in the utmost comfort. GOGO Charters can work with your business to build a shuttle service tailored to your employees’ needs. We’ll find the best model of bus and a professional driver to shuttle everyone to and from your workspace.

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Boost Employee Productivity and Happiness

Dealing with difficult traffic on the way to the office isn’t going to help employees feel refreshed and ready to work. Giving employees the option to hop on a professionally operated corporate shuttle will give them time to relax or even get a kickstart on projects while on the road. Each GOGO Charters shuttle can be equipped with free WiFi and power outlets for passengers to get work done on the road. If your office kicks the workday off very early in the morning, employees can get some last-minute shut-eye in plush reclining seats. Your employees will definitely appreciate the opportunity to relax instead of braving Houston gridlock on their own.

Simplify Your Transportation Reimbursements

Offering commute reimbursements can get complicated when you have a large number of employees. Instead of sifting through the paperwork or digital forms, consider organizing an employee shuttle service instead. This way, you’ll have one bus rental fee to take care of the transportation for several employees. GOGO Charters can pair your company with a motorcoach that can accommodate your entire workforce—rent a fleet of minibuses to reach employees in every corner of Houston’s suburbs or a full-sized charter bus for big events like multi-day conferences. 

Easy Off-Site Employee Transportation

GOGO Charters doesn’t just stop at transporting employees to and from work—we’ve got you covered for other company outings too. Show your employees how much you appreciate them by hosting regular team-building days and happy hours. To make these events even better, consider handling their transportation as well. Everyone can cool off in a climate-controlled cabin after volunteering at local organizations or ride home in safety after a long happy hour with a built-in DD.

Organize a Long-Term Employee Shuttle Service

Does your company need a daily employee shuttle service? Or do you need a monthly corporate shuttle to get employees to off-site events? GOGO Charters can personalize your transportation to run on any and every type of schedule. Booking a recurring employee shuttle service can positively impact traffic, help reduce employee stress, and even increase work satisfaction in the long run. Give our recurring shuttle experts a call at 1-844-897-5201 to get a personalized shuttle contract.

Reserve a Corporate Shuttle For Your Employees Anytime

Really, we mean anytime! The GOGO Charters team is available around the clock at (281) 407-2654 to reserve your Houston shuttle service. One of our rental experts will get you a quick, personalized quote or draw up a recurring shuttle contract for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shuttles in Houston

How much does it cost to rent a shuttle bus in Houston?

The price of your shuttle bus rental will depend on a variety of factors, like how long your shuttle service will last, what type of bus you choose, and how many days per week you need your shuttle. For a full pricing breakdown, call our 24-hour team at 281-407-2654.

How do I set up a shuttle service in Houston?

GOGO Charters handles all of the shuttling logistics so you won’t have to! Just tell us where you’d like your shuttle to go and what type of bus you’re thinking of renting, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Who can book a shuttle service in Houston?

Anyone! We book shuttles for business employees, hospital staff, construction workers, students, and more. If you need a shuttle, we can find one for you.

How long can my shuttle service work for me?

Your shuttle service can work for you for as long as you need it, whether that’s for one week or multiple years.

What type of shuttle bus can I book in Houston?

GOGO Charters books a variety of bus types, from compact shuttles to full-sized charter buses. If you need to build a custom fleet, we’ll help you choose the best buses for your needs!

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