Government and Military Charter Bus & Minibus Rental

GOGO Charters proudly provides fast and professional group transportation services to military and government groups across the country.

Why GOGO Charters?

From military transfers between bases to transporting government officials for important meetings, GOGO Charters is the go-to service for fast, large-scale transportation. We pride ourselves on offering military and government personnel the most efficient group travel solutions possible.

Need to move 15 people for a local government meeting? We can handle that.

Need to move 300 armed forces personnel for training? GOGO Charters has that covered too.

Call us anytime at 1-855-826-6770 for a no-hassle, no-obligation quote.

Large-Scale Transportation

We understand organizing last-minute transportation for dozens or even hundreds of people can be taxing. You probably have a laundry list of other tasks to handle, and checking off transportation for your public officials or soldiers needs to get done stat.

GOGO Charters works with hundreds of bus providers across the country, comprising a collective fleet of more than 5,000 motorcoaches. If your government entity needs a fleet of buses, GOGO has the power to source as many as you need. All in one phone call.

Certified and Approved Travel Services

Finding a DoD-approved or GSA-approved driver and transportation service can be a long shot for short-notice trips. With the wide network of GOGO Charters transportation partners, tracking down an approved provider and driver will be a smooth process. Having a wide selection of certified bus providers streamlines renting a large fleet for important government or military affairs.

Flexible Group Transport

Do you have a group of soldiers that need to be at a training facility at the crack of dawn? Or a group of government officials that need to leave town immediately after a long meeting?

At GOGO Charters we’re committed to working with the strict, personalized schedules of professionals. It’s simple: you’ll be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Reserve a Sleek and Discreet Fleet

The fleet of buses in our provider network include all-black, unmarked vehicles for transporting passengers to locations as discreetly as possible. Keeping the privacy of special meeting locations and training facilities is of the utmost importance to our team. Government officials and military personnel alike will be comfortable and safe while traveling with GOGO Charters.

National and International Options

Working with GOGO Charters also affords your government or military organization easy access to a nationwide and international transportation network. You’ll be able to stick with one network of providers throughout multiple cross-country drives or even airport transfers.

We have you covered even if you need international travel accommodations from airports between the US and Canada. All of your travel information will be kept within one network, rather than being split among several domestic and international providers.

Book and Go, It’s That Simple

We’re here to make charter bus rentals simple and painless for large groups across the country. Start with our complete guide to charter bus rentals to get a breakdown of some major questions our passengers usually ask before booking.

Once that’s checked off, call our offices at 1-855-826-6770 to discuss your motorcoach rental needs with one of our experts. Accommodations for your government or military group will be taken care of promptly.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you call to make your reservations, our rental team can provide necessary insurance documentation, tax documentation, and other paperwork your organization may need, upon request. 

We don't put a limit on how many buses our passengers can reserve. We'll be happy to accommodate with as many vehicles as your government or military organization requires. 

Yes, we do require a 5-hour minimum for each rental.

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