Unconventional Buses

As one of the largest charter bus operators in the country, Gogo Charters has seen some of the most interesting buses in the industry.  These are the top unconventional charter buses:

Executive Charter Bus:  This bus belonged to an undisclosed Fortune 500 company.  It was one of the touring buses for the executives when then would travel from one office to another.  Besides having flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and a restroom with a shower, the bus also featured bullet proof windows and an oversized fridge.  The bus has been recently rented by a Miami charter bus company.

The Presidential Bus:  The presidential bus features bullet proof windows, fingerprint accessed doors, and 360 surveillance cameras.  Always tracked by GPS this bus has carried some of the most renowned politicians around the country.

-The Entertainer:  Previously rented by the Playboy mansion parties, the Ultimate entertainer features the most sophisticated entertainment system ever placed in a bus.  With a surround sound system by Bose, costing over $200K, this bus will sound like Ultra on wheels.  You may have seen it featured in some of the biggest hip-hop videos in the United States.  Currently in use by an Atlanta charter bus company.

It’s features include:
-5 Flat Screen TVs
-3 Bar Areas
-2 Poles
-A VIP Room
-LED Lights

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