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The premier minibus, motor coach & charter bus rental company servicing Seattle, Washington. Book your charter bus now by calling 855-826-6770.


With access to over 50 Charter buses in the Seattle area, Gogo Charters is the #1 source for renting buses. We have served some of the largest Fortune 500s and Universities in Seattle Washington and surrounding area. No matter what the size of your group our reservation agents are available 24/7. Call us today!


Seattle Minibus & Charter Bus Rental

Seattle Washington Charter Bus Rental - GOGO Charters

Rent a Reliable Charter Bus for Your Trip to the Emerald City

The Emerald City, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Its nickname reflects the oasis of greenery that dominates the city and the abundance of beautiful sights. It's no wonder that Seattle is visited by millions of tourists who want to discover if such an amazing place really does exist.

The easiest way to get around Seattle is by charter bus because - as you can probably imagine - the city is huge. The public system of transportation is a great choice for single travelers and locals, but when it comes to group trips to Seattle or planning various events such as weddings, anniversaries, conferences and seminars, a Seattle charter bus becomes a necessity.

It's easy to rent a charter bus in Seattle, especially if you choose to collaborate with GoGo Charters. We make any Seattle bus rental an easy process for people who want to hire the best charter bus for their groups. Our fleet includes various types of charter buses, ranging from minibuses ready to carry between 16 and 25 persons through to motor coaches and party buses.

Since we are the best charter bus company, it's natural to expect a charter bus equipped with air conditioning, Internet, toilet, entertainment facilities, plus sufficient legroom and luggage space. Each of our charter buses is modern, elegant, comfortable and safe.

Get Ready to Discover the Emerald City

Seattle is a huge city, so you need to devise a well-thought-out itinerary before arriving here to be sure that you will cover all the attractions that you want to see. Once the itinerary is complete, just hand it to your charter bus driver and prepare to be amazed by the city's beauty:

Landmarks: You will certainly take up a lot of your time visiting all the parks of the city, but let's stop for a moment and admire the city's landmarks and architecture. Pike Place Market is located downtown and is the largest tourist area in the city, being home to a fish market, shops, plus indoor and outdoor markets. The iconic landmark of the city is without doubt the Space Needle, from where you can capture breathtaking views. You can get there via the monorail that connects Seattle Center to downtown. If you want to discover examples of beautiful architecture, visit downtown and stop in front of the Central Library, a contemporary building dominated by a huge atrium, Smith Tower, an Art Deco skyscraper with an observation deck, Seattle City Hall, remarkable due to its roof garden, and Columbia Center, the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest.

Museums: A visit to Seattle is not complete without a few stops at some of its interesting museums. Seattle Art Museum is one of the most impressive art museums in the country, featuring art works from around the world. You should also consider visiting the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, the only Asian Pacific American museum in the country. Near the Space Needle is the Experience Music Project, a Rock and Roll museum, and the Science Fiction Museum, which features the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

Day Trips: Groups who come to Seattle usually choose to rent a Seattle charter bus for their sightseeing trips to Portland, as well as Sacramento, San Fransisco and San Jose.

Bus Rentals For Your Wedding Day Transportation

You have dreamed about your wedding day for as long as you can remember, and when that day comes you expect it to be nothing less than perfection. But important details like transportation on your wedding day can escape even the most careful planners. As you continue your preparations, consider how your wedding party or guests will travel from your ceremony to your reception. You'll find a charter bus will work well for your situation.

If you have chosen a reception venue that is located away from your ceremony site, you need to consider how your guests and wedding party will get there. Out-of-town guests might not be familiar with Seattle roadways and traffic patterns, and could experience a significant delay. If your reception site is off the beaten path, it might take guests a little longer to find their way. Latecomers and no-shows can place unnecessary stress on you, but you can avoid it with a little extra planning.

Keep the Group Together

Seattle is a far cry from a small town. Unless you have a police escort, you might find it difficult for a caravan of car poolers to stick together on the highway. Enlisting the help of a charter bus can ensure your entire wedding ensemble arrives to the reception on time, together. This way, no one gets lost trying to find the reception site, and no one gets left behind.

Having your entire wedding party assembled from the moment you arrive on site helps you get the celebration started on time. You won’t have to keep your guests waiting because of straggling party members. When you keep the group together, you enjoy the additional opportunity to create special wedding day memories with them.

Give Your Guests a Treat

You might decide that keeping your wedding party together is a sound idea, but what about your other guests? Consider a bus rental to give your guests a treat. It is likely many guests have traveled from other cities to celebrate with you. Those who are not familiar with the area might have a difficult time finding the venue. You can rent a bus to safely carry all your guests to your reception.

Traveling in a new city is stressful enough, and racing to find a particular place can increase that stress. You can take a load off your mind and theirs by giving them the option to travel with the help of a professional motor coach company. Our highly skilled drivers can ensure a smooth ride and deliver them just in time to join the fun.

With all the planning stress and excitement, you deserve for your wedding day to be nothing short of spectacular. Renting a bus to navigate your guests through Seattle can relieve some of your wedding day stress. You will not need to worry about anyone getting left behind when you have a solid plan in place. Let us focus on your transportation, so you can focus on making memories.

Charter Buses for Corporate Transportation Offer Real Advantages

If you are planning a company event, you face several logistical elements. One important item not to overlook is how you plan for your attendees to get there. Be it a company luncheon in Seattle’s Discovery Park, a team building day an hour away at Wild Waves, or a week long conference in another state, you might discover a charter bus makes the most sense.

Make Use of Your Travel Time

Having everyone on board a charter bus allows for extended team building opportunities. As you travel through the city, take advantage of your time on the road and plan ice breaker games or group discussions. Or you might decide to unveil your new corporate video series via our on board entertainment system.

If you plan to ride the road a while, you and your team could benefit from the opportunity to continue working remotely. Make the most of your travel time by making phone calls, going over documents, or preparing yourselves for what awaits you at your destination. Activities like these would not be possible with other forms of travel.

Enjoy Spacious Accommodations

When you choose to rent a bus, you will enjoy a private transportation experience no airliner or carpool fleet can match. You and your guests will appreciate the ample room on our buses without feeling cramped and overcrowded. Our motor coaches feature plenty of space below deck for all your team’s luggage, even for guests who do not travel lightly.

Our motor coaches are packed with features that will help you and your team feel right at home. With restroom facilities on board, you can arrive at your destination quicker with fewer stops to make. Our entertainment system allows you to play movies or the radio to make your trip more enjoyable. And with power stations, USB outlets, and free Wi-Fi, your guests can stay charged and connected no matter where you travel.

Consider the Benefits

When you choose to rent a bus for your corporate event, you’re choosing a time-conscious, cost-conscious, eco-friendly travel method. When your group leaves Seattle on a private bus, you can rest assure you arrive together safely and on time. Your itinerary can stay on target without worrying your group members will get lost or sidetracked.

Bus Rentals For Church Groups

Planning an outing or overnight retreat for your church presents plenty of challenges. But sometimes, simply getting everyone there is half the battle. If you dread the thought of gas-guzzling vans or a suite of car pools, consider enlisting the help of a private charter bus from one of the most trusted bus lines in Washington.

A Seattle charter bus can get your whole group from Point A to Point B in the quickest, safest possible way. More economic and less time consuming than carpooling, you can rest easy knowing your entire group will be on board and on time.

Your Church is Your Family

Group travel with your church gives everyone an opportunity to strengthen bonds and create new memories. Traveling via a fleet of cars or vans limits interactions between group members. When you combine everyone on a single vessel, you open the doors to new experiences and communication.

Your church family can share laughs during a movie or sing along to their favorite songs via our on-board entertainment system. Your group members can spend their travel time connecting to others. Everyone can relax when no one has to keep their vigilance on traffic. Utilizing a private motor coach simply creates a better overall experience for everyone.

Your Time is Valuable

When you travel in large groups, it can prove challenging to remain efficient with your time. Trying to cater to individual needs and creating checkpoints to ensure no one gets left behind is no quick and easy process. A bus rental can help you make the most of your time together and help take some of the stress out of traveling.

A private motor coach can help your group stay together so you all arrive at your destination together. You can conduct one roll call in one place to make sure no one gets left behind, and quickly catch someone's absence. Each of our buses feature on board restroom facilities, so you can plan on traveling longer stretches with fewer stops to make.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

We pride ourselves on having cultivated a team of Seattle professionals who are just as concerned about your safety as you are. Our drivers remain professional and conscientious on the highway. They err on the side of caution to avoid the risk of endangerment, and follow the rules of the road to ensure your safe arrival.

Our drivers know Seattle and the surrounding areas, in addition to numerous destinations within Washington and other states. They plan your route accordingly to get you to your target in the most efficient way possible.

When you partner with us, you can put away your maps and GPS. Divert your attention from the fuel gauge. Forget about the need to know how to change a flat tire. Stop worrying if part of the group will show up late. And eliminate the fear that someone got left behind or lost on the way. Our skilled bus drivers do all the work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

If you do not think private transportation can fit into your budget, consider this: a typical motor coach can carry up to 57 riders. It would take an average of 14 cars to transport that many people. Reimbursing more than a dozen drivers for fuel and mileage on their personal vehicles can get expensive. A private motor coach helps reduce those expenses, while providing a cleaner choice for our environment.

Your team’s safety represents our number one priority. We put your well-being in the hands of only highly skilled drivers who ensure you reach your destination safely. Traveling in comfort, safety, and style could not get any easier when you charter one of our buses. All you will need to worry about is taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride.

Select a Professional Seattle Charter Bus Rental Company for Your Trip or Event

Get in touch with GoGo Charters on 1-855-826-6770 FREE and rent your charter bus in Seattle from the best Seattle charter bus rental company. Seattle bus rental has never been easier! You just need to contact us on 1-855-826-6770 FREE or write to us, and we will recommend the best Seattle charter bus suited to your trip or event. The selection of your charter bus depends on details such as the number of passengers you're planning to transport, the facilities you prefer, and of course your budget. Tell us the details of your Seattle bus rental and we will deliver the perfect Seattle charter bus!

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Jan 06, 2015
Great Customer Service

ALthough the price was slightly higher than the other companies I called they by far had the best customer service. Never dropped the ball on anything and the bus was exactly what we needed.

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