Anyone who’s ever driven through Atlanta during rush hour knows just how stressful navigating the streets is. Aside from the never-ending obstacle course of potholes, rolling hills, and audacious pedestrians, drivers must also deal with narrow roads, congested highways and other (often less skilled) drivers. It’s not fun, and it often leads to delays in getting to your destination. On any given day traffic is a tough obstacle, but this doesn’t even include the influx of traffic that Suntrust Park and the Mercedes Benz Stadium have created.

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Atlanta’s Gametime Traffic Dilemma

Both locals and tourists know well  how bad Atlanta’s traffic problems are based on experience alone, but few of us have the numbers to prove it. In a recent study by INRIX, the 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard, Atlanta was listed as the 9th worst city in the world for traffic congestion, with drivers spending an average of 70.8 hours per year sitting in traffic.

While this information is no surprise to anyone who frequently commutes in Atlanta, it’s a serious point of contention for those invested in Atlanta’s many cultural experiences–in this instance, sporting events.

Atlanta has seen a resurgence in local sports interest, due largely in part to the development of sports venues such as Suntrust Park and the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Because they draw attendees from across the state of Georgia and farther, roads become congested with visitors both inside and outside the perimeter. Attendees who want to arrive to games on time with as little stress as possible need to embrace alternative forms of transportation.

What Are My Options?

For larger groups, carpooling, public transportation, and rideshare services aren’t the best options for getting to games. While they all provide individual benefits for passengers, there are also a number of disadvantages that come with them.

Carpooling is a logical move for groups of five or less, but larger groups will have a hard time divvying up the responsibility amongst each other—especially if most passengers don’t own a vehicle. Your group can get separated relatively easily when riding in different cars, which can be a recipe for disaster when weaving through gameday traffic. Also, if your group intends to consume alcoholic beverages during the game, carpooling is a risky choice because an inebriated driver is putting everyone’s life in danger.

While Uber Pool or UberXL may seem like an affordable, safe alternative, rideshare services come with their fair share of risks. Uber prices skyrocket during major events, so your group is likely to see steep increases in cost the closer it gets to gametime. Aside from the fact that you’re limited to just seven passengers maximum in an UberXL, many Uber drivers aren’t very familiar with places outside of their residential area. Often times, your Uber driver may not know the fastest route to your destination, and in rare situations they will purposely take you on the longest route possible to put some extra money in their pockets.

Public transportation is by the far the most cost effective option, but it also welcomes some of the most consistent difficulties. Keeping your group together is no issue when you’re riding public transportation, but you have no control over when your ride will show up. Unexpected delays and cancellations can derail your plans for the day, and the lack of control over who you’re sharing your ride with can be troublesome at times. Also, if you’re looking for a more intimate riding experience with your family and friends, public transit is not the answer. Amenities provided are minimal as well, so public transportation can require sacrificing a lot of comfort.

a view of the large Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta from the ground

Image Source: Gatorfan252525, Wikimedia Commons

What’s the Best Solution?

If you’re riding to Suntrust Park or the Mercedes Benz Stadium with a large group, a minibus provides a significantly better experience. One of the first things you may notice as a passenger is the fact that the ride itself is much more comfortable and entertaining. With amenities such as plush seats, power outlets, televisions, and WiFi available upon request, passengers are able to sit back and relax during their commute. Public transit and private ride-share services don’t quite give you the same level of accessibility. A private minibus also allows you to enjoy your own alcoholic beverages upon request . This gives you and your group the freedom to pregame for the competition safely and responsibly, while also giving you the option to indulge during and after the game. If your group has plans to hit the bars after the game, you’ll have your very own designated driver to get you home at the end of the night. Make the mature, responsible decision by booking a minibus for your group.

Believe it or not, riding in a minibus also minimizes the length of time you spend in a vehicle and away from the game. Upon booking, you’re assigned a driver who has a thorough knowledge of the area, so you don’t have to worry about any on-road complications or confusion. Your driver will drop you off as close to the entrance as possible, so you won’t have to waste time and money finding a parking spot. A private minibus is guaranteed to keep your group together for one flat fee, so you’ll never have to worry about minibus booking prices surging in times of need.

For sports fans traveling from out of state, a private minibus is the perfect solution for any difficulties you may face when traveling long distances. Minimize the stress of a long ride by relaxing with your friends and family while enjoying premium amenities. If you love to tailgate, a minibus can hold all of your supplies, from coolers and fold up chairs to grills and frozen foods. Revolutionize your riding experience by booking a minibus for your journey.

Enhance Your Gametime Transportation Experience

Atlanta’s new professional sports facilities have brought a new energy and excitement to the city. Maximize your opportunity to enjoy yourself by booking a safe, affordable transportation solution for you and your group. Contact GOGO Charters today at (404) 425-9570 to book your private minibus today!