How Do I Rent a Shuttle Bus?

The question often comes into our call center, “How do I rent a shuttle bus?” For most personal travel situations, it’s just a matter of calling your hotel or even waiting for your hotel to make a regularly scheduled stop at the airport. But what if you’re in a professional setting and have been put in charge of transporting a group from point A to point B with absolute control and predictability?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Determine the Size of Your Group

    As a rule of thumb, one charter bus vehicle (depending on its size) can transport up to 55 people. The smallest size – a mini bus – is ideal for group sizes between 12 and 32. Your online research may go faster if you use the term “mini bus” rather than “shuttle bus”.

  2. Calculate Total Mileage of Your Trip

    Charter bus fees are most often calculated by time (hourly, daily, etc), but time depends on distance. So help your salesperson by calculating your starting points, final destinations, and any additional pickups or dropoffs before you make the call. That will help everyone involved in the buying process best decide how much time you really need.

  3. Decide What Amenities You’ll Need

    The most commonly requested amenities on charter buses are reclining seats, LCD monitors, bathrooms, power outlets and Wi-Fi. Give thought to how important each of these amenities are to your group and discuss them with your sales representative.

  4. Call or Submit a Request Online for a Quote

    Gogo Charters is North America’s largest and most comprehensive charter bus service. With the largest network of luxury charter bus operators, we give you access to charter a bus anywhere in the United States with as little as a 2 hour notice. Contact our staff 24/7 at 1-855-826-6770.

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