As you travel for your field trip, church retreat, sports event, or corporate team-building trip, you’ll understandably find yourself restless and bored during your time on the bus. The long hours, slow WiFi, and cramped seating can frustrate even the most patient of us, and if you’re traveling with children, the frustration can grow even more. At GOGO Charters, we prioritize your comfort and safety, so every bus is equipped with WiFi and plush seating, and every driver is trained to accommodate all necessary stops for your leisure and comfort. Still, no one is too old to enjoy a fun game—especially one that will engage your entire group.

Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends in New York City, admiring the skyline in Chicago, or taking your school group to a museum in San Francisco, you’ll want to see our quintessential list of games to play on your journey. Instead of listening to music or playing games on your phone, bond with your fellow travelers and stave off boredom with these 10 classic games.

The best part? Pen, paper, cards, or your imagination are all you need to play with your group. Whether you’re reading this before or during your bus trip, you will find a game here for every kind of traveler.

#1. War

You’ll need a deck of cards to play this classic, easy game. With a coach’s comfortable seating, you can spread out as needed.

Never played War before? We’ve got you covered. Here are the basic rules:

  1. The goal of the game is to eventually win all of the cards. The rankings of the cards are as follows: A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Ace trumps all and 2 trumps nothing.
  2. Mix it up a bit; shuffle the cards to get an even play.
  3. Split the cards in half between you and your partner. Make sure the cards are faced down. Neither you nor your partner should be able to see your cards.
  4. One, two, three… flip over the card that is on the top of your deck. The player with the higher card wins the round and takes both cards to add to their hand.
  5. Have the same card when you flipped it over? This means war. Place three more cards face down on your seat out of your deck. Flip over a fourth card. Whoever has the higher card wins all cards from the round. If you do not have enough cards to play War, the player must turn their last card face-up.
  6. Play until one of you wins the entire deck.

#2. I Spy, We All Spy

This classic game will be an excellent way to pass time. Look out the expansive windows of your coach and pinpoint something to describe. Say, “I spy with my little eye… “ And watch your group scramble to catch what you described! As the bus drives past, your group will feel especially pressured to identify the item before it disappears.

Spice up the game by keeping score. Whoever gets it right will be the first to step off the bus every time you make a stop.

#3. Tic Tac Toe

How many X’s and O’s can you get in a straight line? Paper and pen are the only things you need for this game. Play 5 to 10 rounds and keep score with a friend. Add some stakes by betting that the loser will buy ice cream once you arrive to your destination.

#4. Would You Rather

Need to break the ice between you and the person next to you? This is a game you can play with a stranger or a friend you have known for years, but it’s equally fun every time!

Choose a partner and ask each other a series of questions where you must pick between two different scenarios. For example, you might ask, “Would you rather eat a rotten egg or jump in a pool full of worms?” The grosser, the better. Not answering is not an option.

#5. License Plate

A slower, more relaxing game, this one will appeal to the more mellow members of your group. The rules are simple: Gather a partner, look out your coach’s window, and note the license plates that drive by.

With this game, you have the freedom to make your own rules. For example, you and your partner might look for plates that begin with a certain letter, end with a certain number, or hail from a specific state. Another alternative is to see if you can gather all 50 states. Compete and see who manages to do it first!

#6. Say Your ABC’s

Start with “A.” Look out the window and search for a sign, building, landmark, or item that begins with that letter. Move through the alphabet until you reach “Z.” This game will keep your mind engaged while you enjoy the scenery.

#7. Hangman

Though you’ll be surrounded by technology during your ride, why not try an old-fashioned game of Hangman? All you need is a partner, a pen, and a piece of paper for this tried-and-true game. Here are the rules:

  1. Think of a word or phrase. Draw the number of empty slots required to write that phrase.
  2. Your partner will try to guess the phrase letter-by-letter. Each time your partner guesses wrong, add a line to your hangman.
  3. If your partner doesn’t guess correctly by the time your hangman is hanging, they lose!

It may sound simple, but it can get competitive. Add some stakes by betting on snacks or drinks. Whoever loses has to buy their partner their favorite snack upon arrival at your destination.

#8. Name that Tune

Rocking out to your favorite tunes is essential to a successful road trip. To master this game, play a song on your phone or computer and try to stump your group. Whoever guesses correctly will get their turn playing an unknown song. Try and see if you’ll guess it correctly!

Sharing music isn’t only a fun way to enjoy your time on the bus–it’s also a way to showcase your interests and musical taste. Warning: this game is extremely fun and may cause impulsive dance moves.

#9. Geography Lesson

Ready to test your geography skills? Impress your group with your geographic knowledge and prowess. List the capital of every state in the U.S, then move on to countries around the world.

Want to spice it up even more? If you’re traveling across multiple states, try and name all the cities in the current state you are in. Good luck!

#10. Tell me a Story, Please

To play this game, gather a group of four or five friends on the bus. Have a person start off a story with 4 words. The next person adds 4 more words. Then the next person after that. Add some pressure by adding a time limit during each turn. Set parameters to the story to heighten the stakes; the story might have a theme, be set in a specific place, or occur in a certain time period.

Your game could look something like this:

Person 1: “Once upon a time…”

Person 2: “…we went to the…”

Person 3: “…Grand Canyon and we…”

Person 4: “…sang many campfire songs…”

Don’t be shy and ramp up the creativity. See how long you can go before someone gets stumped!

Games for Any Type of Group

Whether you’re diving into one of these 10 activities or playing a more modern game such as Cards Against Humanity, take full advantage of your time on the bus by engaging with your fellow travelers. A charter bus, shuttle, or minibus rental from GOGO Charters will ensure that you have enough space and comfort to play these games, so call us today at 1-855-826-6770 for a free, no-obligation quote and for live customer support.

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