Sesame Street has become an iconic children’s show for multiple generations over its almost 50-year lifespan. As the most widely known children’s show in the world, Sesame Street spawned multiple ventures including the much-loved Sesame Place theme park near Philadelphia. Sesame Place has come a long way both in size and number of visitors since its opening in summer of 1980. Similar to its television predecessor, Sesame Place has become a popular attraction for families, schools, and daycares.

Traveling to Sesame Place

Depending on your departure location, there are multiple ways to efficiently travel to Philadelphia to enjoy a day or two at Sesame Place. If your family or travel group is planning to travel a long distance, flying into Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is often a first choice. The Philadelphia airport is about 35 miles from Langhorne where Sesame Place is located. Some travelers may find it easier to book a hotel in Philadelphia, while others may prefer to be close to the theme park in Langhorne. Either way, renting a private charter bus through GOGO Charters to shuttle everyone between airports, hotels and the theme park can be a cost-effective and convenient option for large groups. This cuts the stress of booking multiple rental vehicles to accommodate your group.

Since Philadelphia is in relatively close proximity to other major cities in the Northeast like Newark, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington DC, families and large groups traveling from around these cities should consider chartering a bus for easy and efficient transportation. Chartering a bus from neighboring cities will eliminate the hassle of coordinating public transportation or carpooling. Groups traveling from bustling cities like New York or DC will also find that a charter bus is an easy and stress-free way to get out of the city with hectic traffic. Each charter bus includes a professional driver to safely guide your group to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. You can travel without worrying about everyone making it to the theme park at the same time. All of the children on the trip will be kept together throughout the trip to Sesame Place.

Cost-Efficient Travel in Pennsylvania

Groups planning to book a hotel for their trip to Sesame Place may want to explore options closer to Philadelphia. Booking directly around Langhorne may offer somewhat limited options for large groups needing multiple rooms. Expanding your hotel scope to around Philadelphia and neighboring towns will offer greater variety and an option to explore other parts of Pennsylvania. This is especially important if you’re planning to travel during the peak season around August, which may also bring a surge in hotel prices.

If you choose a hotel in a neighboring area to Langhorne and Sesame Place, a charter bus can serve as a shuttle between your hotel, the theme park and other locations in the area. The length of trip, size of bus, and departure location are just a few determining factors in your total charter bus cost. Larger groups of school or daycare students will be suited best by a full-sized motorcoach, which can accommodate around 56 passengers. Families traveling with friends and their children would be best suited with a minibus, which can accommodate up to 35 passengers. Groups traveling to Sesame Place for the day will likely be given a quote based on hourly rates. Those planning to spend a longer time in Langhorne and the Philadelphia area will be given a quote based on daily rates or mileage.

Depending on the model and size of vehicle, pricing can generally range from $1,200 to $1,700 per day. Buses with larger passenger capacities can often be more cost efficient, ranging from about $20 to $30 per person for a fully-booked 56-passenger motorcoach. As a general rule, the larger the group, the more cost-efficient transportation can be. This makes a charter bus perfect for daycare and school trips with many students and chaperones.

GOGO Charters is a top transportation service in the Philadelphia area, offering diverse and affordable services for families and groups making their way to Sesame Place. Call GOGO Charters at 1-855-826-6770 any time to get a free quote based on your group’s needs and specific itinerary.

Shuttle and Parking to Sesame Place

Although Sesame Place does have a shuttle service from partnered hotels, finding efficient transportation can be difficult if your hotel isn’t in their partnered network. If you choose to lodge in Philadelphia or in the neighboring smaller towns around Langhorne, a charter bus can serve as a shuttle around the area. Large groups can travel from their hotels to Sesame Place and also to any other attractions around the Philadelphia area.

Parking at Sesame Place often gets crowded and fills up quickly during peak season. It’s generally recommended to arrive to the park early in order to secure parking. Chartering a bus to Sesame Place makes parking easier and more cost efficient as opposed to traveling with multiple smaller vehicles.

Lodging Near Sesame Place

While the Holiday Inn Express and Red Roof Inn are two of the most affordable options in Langhorne, prices still tend to surge during peak travel months in the summer. In July and August, guests looking to stay directly in Langhorne should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to almost $300 a night for a 2-star or 3-star hotel. Alternatively, looking a few miles out in locations like Newton and Bensalem will offer slightly more affordable options ranging from $100 to $200 a night. The Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites are just a couple of affordable options on the outskirts of Langhorne. Regardless of distance from the theme park, a private charter bus makes it easy to transport your entire group to and from lodging.

Comfortable Transport with GOGO Charters

Renting a charter bus to Sesame Place will ensure that even the youngest travelers have an easy and fun ride before arriving to the theme park. Everyone can enjoy playing games together, watching a movie with the on-board televisions, napping in plush reclining seats, and even more. Full-sized charter buses also include the options of on-board restrooms, making it easier to avoid accidents with little ones.

GOGO Charters has provided transportation around Pennsylvania and neighboring states for various locations. If you’re planning a trip to Sesame Place and considering a charter bus for transportation, GOGO Charters will help find the best travel options. Rental experts are available 24/7 at 1-855-826-6770 to assist you in your travels around Pennsylvania. Give us a call today for a free, personalized quote!