Charter Around The US

Charter Around The US

You might be surprised at everything you can learn about the United States. Located in on the continent of North America, the United States includes 48 different states that join together to form the continental U.S. Two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, are also a part of the United States, but they don’t connect physically with the other continental states. Explore famous landmarks with interesting historical importance and learn state capitals, as you charter around the United States.

Famous Landmarks

Landmarks in the United States can be famous for many different reasons. National monuments are recognized for their beauty or geological resources. Other landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Liberty Bell, are important because of their patriotic history. The United States also has landmarks that serve as memorials to important people, such as George Washington.

U.S. Capitals

Every state in the United States has a capital. The capitals are the cities where state government bodies operate to make decisions for the people of that state. State governors usually work in the capitals. Each state also has a capital building located in the capital city.


Maps can help you learn about the geography of different places. When you look at a map of the United States, you can see the separate states that make up the country. States in the U.S. group together to form different regions. The United States also has Great Lakes and major rivers, such as the Mississippi River.

Longitude and Latitude

Longitude and latitude lines help you locate places on a map or globe. Longitude lines run north and south. Latitude lines run east and west. These lines each have labeled numbers, which you can use to find cities and other locations.

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