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Daytona Beach

Arriving at Daytona Beach in a bus means arriving with a certain level of flair. GoGo Charters is the preferred bus rental choice for corporate and sports events. They have a selection of styles to fit your group's size and budget, including everything from luxurious charters with cocktail bars to 18-seat mini buses. Each charter is spacious, with ample headroom, and most include Wi-Fi and television. With GoGo Charter, you will enjoy the ride almost as much as the destination. Call 1-855-827-6770 to reserve your dream tour bus today.

Although Daytona Beach, Florida has developed a reputation as a well-known spring break destination, this beautiful city offers a wealth of engaging activities throughout the year. It attracts more than 8,000,000 tourist, annually, from all over the country and for good reason. The culture and diversity contribute a geat deal to its allure. People of all ages and walks of life can find value, if not in the rollercoaster and Ferris wheels along the famous boardwalk, perhaps Washington Oaks State Garden or the Halifax Museum.


As anyone who has been to Daytona or at least heard the rumors might expect, the streets are crawling with fabulous places to eat. The city's diversity is evident in the seemingly infinite selection of restaurants, another feature that has earned this vacation spot its famous reputation. Although, as you might expect, seafood is prevalent on virtually every menu, the cuisine is vastly diverse, and you will find everything from Italian to pastries. Azure is one of a handful the moderately upscale restaurants seated along Atlantic Avenue. If you stop by Azure, or any of the other local restaurants that serve breakfast, you can enjoy a gourmet omlet before heading to the beach. Then later, after the sun has disappeared underneath the skyline, you can spend the evening in the Chart House's beautiful dining room while chasing short ribs and stuffed shrimp down with a glass of champagne.

Drive Along the Coast

The Beach continues to be the primary reason tourists travel down inerstate-95 and crowd along Daytona's streets. It is what has given the city its prestigious name. Known for its illustrious coast, it has been luring visitors since the early 1900s. Whether you are in-town for the golf tournaments, the Nascar races, or just passing through, it's hard to truly appreciate one of the country's well-know beach city's until you've seen it up-close. For this reason, visitors are always clamoring for a hotel room at one of the many oceanfront locations, like the Ocean Walk Resort, where they can stand on the balcony and stare out at the beach. Thanks to its affordability, moderate climate, and skyline view, it is becoming one of Florida's most sought after retirement cities.

Although the beaches have played an important role in maintaining Daytona's long and prominent reputation for attracting college students each year, spring break is just one of many reasons to visit. If you are hoping to spend the day in the sun, but not particularly thrilled about lounging around in the sand, Daytona Lagoon might be your perfect on-stop shop for water fun, entertainment, and a sky rich with Florida sun. After the water attractions have left you completely soaked, you can dry off while playing laser tag, riding go carts, or rounding the 18-hole miniature golf course. Not only is Daytona Beach renowned for its International Motor Speedway, but its lush 4-star golf course has made a name for itself as the official home for women's golf, having hosted over 20 championship tournaments.

The city is famous for hosting concerts year-round, and its shopping venues and cultural events draw plenty of tourists. Volusia Mall, the city's deluxe 1,064,768 sqft shopping center is great place to observe the blend of people and experience the upbeat atmosphere. Located near Highway 92 and just a short drive from Daytona State College, the 2-story mall features over 120 department stores, 16 restaurants, and even has an indoor playground for toddlers. It is a typical must-see attraction for visitors heading to the beach. Still, one of the most interesting places to spend money is along North Atlantic Avenue, where sidewalks are decorated with gift shops and some of the city's unique independent restaurants, like Cruisin' Cafe and Steve's famous diner.

Daytona Beach name has become etched in modern American culture. It is one of those places everyone should visit at least once, even if just passing through. You'll be happy you stopped by to enjoy the cool ocean climate. Chances are you'll be back. From Joyland's Slingshot ride towering near Auditorium Blvd to Lake Woodruff's 21,500-acre wildlife preserve, you will understand why it's one of Florida's most talked about cities.

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