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Taking a bus to Little Rock gives you the freedom to absorb the scenic views and enjoy the company of the person you are with. In essence, it lets you spend quality time with your loved ones without the distraction of having to keep your attention on the other drivers of the road. At GOGO Charters, we are availible 24/7 for your convenience and to make sure you have the best trip yet. 

Little Rock: What You Need to Know

The city first got its name because of a small rock formation that you could find on the southern bank of the Arkansas river that was called la Petite Roche, which when translated from French, meant Little Rock. A lot of the early river traffic used this city as a landmark point, so it became a popular river crossing. Another interesting fact about the city is how it is the birthplace of the first cheese dog. Finkbeiner Meat Packing Co. 9 first invented it. Some of the activities and places to visit by bus in the city include:

The River Market District

Located at the heart of the city, the River Market District has a market hall with some of the most exciting food vendors that will cause your taste buds to ignite in an explosion of flavor that leaves you wanting more. The cuisine has been made to fit a variety of culinary cravings. You can shop for vegetables, fresh fruits or visit and support the several art galleries put up by local Arkansas artists. You can dine at a large selection of restaurants, and you can take a trolley ride through the park. The River Market District has numerous works with public sculpture, and you also can eat a great meal while relaxing near the Arkansas River. If you want to know where to find the nightlife, the downtown area has some of the best places for entertainment. You can enjoy a wide selection of music from the local artists. The music ranges from, piano bars, jazz, classical, country, techno and alternative. If searching for a high energy atmosphere, check out the district's bars and pubs. Looking at it now, you may never believe it, but 20 years ago, the downtown part of the city was a desolate and boring place. Now, it has become the go-to center of the city for real entertainment.

Museum of Discovery

The oldest and most prestigious museum in Little Rock, it was originally known as the Museum of Natural History and Antiquities. In 1993, the museum received its accreditation, and in 2001, they re-accredited the museum. They have actively collected around 14,000 historical and cultural artifacts between the period of its founding and the accreditation. In 1998, however, the owners moved the museum to the River Market, and they changed the name to the Museum of Discovery. What made them decide to change? The new facility has a more hands-on and interactive approach that makes science, technology and engineering more fun. If you are taking a bus rental with your family, this place can help to foster a love of learning for the little ones because everything here is so engaging. They even merged with the Children's Museum of Arkansas in 2003 to address the educational needs of preschool children.

Historic Arkansas Museum

The Historic Arkansas Museum is a state history museum that holds some riveting truths into the early history of Arkansas's legacy. Step back into the frontier history of Arkansas and learn about a pre-civil war neighborhood by visiting it. You will also see the oldest home where William Woodruff first printed the Arkansas Gazette. People who have visited this museum by GOGO Charters have often returned talking about how the museum takes an interesting hands-on approach to learning. In this museum, you will learn how the early residents of the city first lived. At the store of this museum, you will find interesting contemporary crafts and quilts. Taking a bus to this city can be a great decision because it has a lot of rich history and great entertainment. You will also enjoy the culture of hospitality that the South has become known for. People should take a bus here because it is a more intimate experience. For example, you will see wild rock formations, and you can enjoy the best of the Wonder State. In fact, you will learn why they call it that. The natural beauty here is second to none.

Whenever you're searching for a charter bus company to collaborate with, you need to make sure above all that it's trustworthy and professional. You can find out more about it by researching online, however, with GOGO Charters there's no need for research, since we are simply one of the best companies in Little Rock. Get your quote today and choose your charter bus rental from GOGO Charters to ensure that you will enjoy a safe and pleasant journey. Calls us now!

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