The days of that long white stretch limo for your wedding are over. While we will admit, you will get a much nicer photo stepping out of a limo than off of a bus, there are many other benefits to opting for a different mode of transportation. When you’re planning to tie the knot with that special someone, make your travel reservations easy and charter a bus for your wedding party and your guests. We all know that the last thing that’s on your mind when you’re in love is how you’re going to get from point A to point B. Renting a bus for a wedding is both convenient and economical, so you can allot your budget to those flowers you loved so much and not a cramped outdated limo. Yes, you heard that right. You can save money and spend it on something that really matters, like oh I don’t know…the perfect dress. If we haven’t convinced you yet, check out these 5 reasons why you should travel by bus for your big day.

Dare to be different.

Go beyond the traditional white stretch limo. You aren’t ordinary so why should your ride be? A limo for you and your wedding party works well with a smaller, more traditional wedding, but if that’s not your style, get creative and match your ride to your taste. There are new and better modes of wedding transportation to match any style or budget. You can showcase your style and make your ride as fun and functional as necessary for your big day. You can rent a vintage car for your sweet southern celebration, a Rolls-Royce or luxury vehicle for a glam wedding, or a modern party bus for a fun-filled getaway.  Regardless of what you decide upon, be sure to book your reservation at least six months in advance to ensure you get the model that you want on the date and times that you need it. As soon as you have nailed your venue, nail down your transportation as well. Be mindful of prom, graduation and summer travel if your wedding is between April and August.

Save Money.

Dollar signs are the first thing that pop into people’s heads when they think of organizing their wedding and weighing transportation options. Weddings can be costly and budgets can quickly get out of control.  Have you considered ways to save even more money? Air travel can get you to your destination quicker, but it may not always be the cheapest way to travel. If you’re expecting a lot of guests from one particular city, organizing group transportation can help you get those RSVPs faster and save yourself and your guests’ money along the way. Chartering a bus is the most cost-efficient way to get yourself and your guests to the same place. Don’t have them book at different hotels all over the city. Secure a group rate at one hotel and offer them the ability to buy into your group transportation option. Even if you are not transporting anyone from out of town and just need to transport guests from the hotel to the ceremony or from your reception back to the hotel, renting a charter bus, limo bus, or minibus will help save everyone money and time.

Help the day run smoother.

Hotel and Airport Shuttle for Wedding

If most of your wedding guest are traveling far and wide to watch you walk down the aisle, consider shuttling them between their hotel and the venue. Flights, hotels, and taxis can start to add up for your guests, so in order to be considerate and save yourself a few headaches on your wedding day, organize travel for them. A charter bus or minibus shuttle, which can hold up to 55 passengers, will usually do the trick. If you’re trying to shuttle out of towners from their hotel to the wedding and vice versa, this is a great way to get everyone there in one easy trip. That way, no one has to worry about navigating through unfamiliar roads, traffic, or of course the fear of missing out on the fun and having to assign a designated driver. Nobody needs Grandpa wandering on the side of the road while you’re in the middle of saying “I do.” Go the extra mile (no pun intended) and provide transportation for the people that made the long trek to celebrate your special day. If they need to be shuttled from the hotel to the wedding or to the reception, chartering a bus is the best solution.

Wedding Transportation to and From the Venue

Spending time in multiple-car trips and caravans can get confusing and requires you to keep a head count. Who really wants to be carrying around a clipboard and taking attendance on their wedding day anyway? Renting a bus ensures that no matter who you’re transporting, whether it be the groomsmen, family members or cherished friends, that they all can arrive together and on time for your big day. Getting married is a special occasion and you want your guests to only be worried about celebrating you and your next chapter in life. If you are getting married at a venue where parking is limited or worse will cost your guests, renting a bus for your wedding transportation becomes a better idea.

Wedding Transportation for your Bridal Party

Although you’re not required to provide transportation for your bridesmaids and groomsmen for the entire night, you aren’t an ordinary bride. Besides, who wouldn’t want to keep their best friends as comfortable as possible? But they’ve been supportive of your big day and wedding demands, so why not give them one less thing to think about? Even if you’ve opted for a vintage two-seater for you and your now husband, you can provide transportation to and from the ceremony for your entourage. Once the night is over, the now exhausted bridal party can pile into a guest shuttle home or back to the hotel.

If you’re hosting your wedding in a city where the traffic is terrible or has difficult street directions to follow, why even think about trying to have multiple cars navigate around? Especially for people that are not from the particular area you are hosting your wedding, let your guests have the worrisome of transportation leave their minds. Using GPS directions is all the fad these days, but who really wants to sit there and try to navigate in formal attire? If you and your bridal party are getting ready for your big day across town from your venue, have a limo bus escort you from one end of town to the other. Sit back and relax in air-conditioned comfortable bliss and spend time with your friends.

Charter a bus for your destination wedding.

Keep your bridal party and your guest together. Take the stress off your guests’ shoulders. It can be difficult to not only navigate, but to also find reliable transportation in a new city. Not everyone has Uber, you know. Allow them to fully enjoy everything that you have put so much work into. If you’re planning a destination wedding, it is nice to ensure that your guests can make it there as conveniently as possible. Make it easy for your guests to get to and from the airport to their hotel. Booking a bus during your wedding weekend will also allow for you to move as a group and go through the pre-wedding events like the wedding rehearsal or welcome activities together. Maybe you have a group of guests that don’t want to stay out until 2 a.m. the night of your wedding and a group of guests that are the life of the party, rent two separate buses for whatever group size you need and get both groups back to the hotel safely and conveniently.

What better way to impress your bridal party and guests than to have them transported to all of your wedding events? Make your bridal party feel officially a part of the festivities with their own private transportation. Renting a motor coach or minibus is perfect for ensuring everyone arrives on time, whether it be to your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, the actual ceremony or the reception, choose one form of transportation for your entire group.