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Rent a Charter Bus In Newport News

While Virginia is well known for its trees, hiking trails, and numerous civil war enactments, there is so much to see in this state bound by history. The coastline brings some of the most accessible and beautiful ocean conditions anywhere in the United States, and the number of activities on tap at any given time of the year can be mind boggling. To get around, it is often better to let a professional and experienced transportation provider get you to your destination in style. Our charter bus service has trained customer service representatives available 24/7 to look after the needs of you and your group. By choosing to use a bus rental for your next trip to Newport News, you will not need to worry about how you are going to fit in everything you want to do. We can take care of that for you, and ensure that you spend your time enjoying the trip. 

A Special Region of Virginia Indeed

Newport News is the fifth largest city in Virginia, with a population approaching 200,000. Being near the coast, but also sufficiently inland, virtually ensures that there are ample activities for every interest level the entire year round. Easily accessible from Richmond and the Carolinas, visitors from almost anywhere in the South can get to this city in relatively short order. 

A Museum Lover’s Paradise

Newport News is truly a living museum in action, where people far and wide come to relive history in order to get a glimpse of where we have come from, and where we are heading. One great location to add to your itinerary is the Mariners’ Museum. This is the National Maritime Museum, and for good reason. There are more than 35,000 maritime paintings alone at this facility, and visitors will also have the opportunity to walk the deck at a full-scale replica of the Monitor. If you are not a lover of Naval history now, you surely will be at the end of this trip. 

Another fabulous venue worth visiting is aptly named the Virginia Living Museum. This is where one can see red wolves, bald eagles, and the like on full display. This museum highlights the natural heritage and beauty of the state, and it is housed in a state of the art digital planetarium that is equipped with a boardwalk outside, a full theater, and a living greenhouse and conservation garden to round out and heighten the experience. 

The Fine Arts Are Also On Tap

For show lovers, the Peninsula Community Theatre is certainly a destination to pursue. This place has been in continuous operation since the 1950s, and is housed in an art deco movie house that is located in Hilton Village, which is a historic area of the city in its own right. Along with this should come a visit to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. This is a venue that displays a mix of historical and modern art pieces, all within the context of a vibrant exhibition with fun as the centerpiece. There is something for children and adults alike, so your group is sure to enjoy a visit to this location as well. 

Don’t Forget the Little Ones

If you have some little ones you, or members of your group are still young at heart, you will be happy to take notice of the Peninsular SPCA and Petting Zoo. This is one venue that you will not want to forget your camera for, so remember to bring it when you leave the hotel. The petting zoo has a healthy supply of chickens, goals, deer and peacocks just waiting to bring a smile to the faces of all who enter the facility. There is also a unique and exotic sanctuary at this venue, complete with an African Mandrill, Siberian Tiger, and a Black Leopard. Surely everyone in your group will enjoy this attraction, and there are special events held regularly throughout the year, so there will most definitely be something worth looking forward to when you decide to come. 

With fantastic weather, beaches awaiting travelers in the spring and summer, and plenty to do all year round, Newport News is a destination worthy of your consideration. Traveling by bus will certainly enhance your pleasure, so consider us when you begin to make your group travel plans. We will be happy to help you plan an itinerary that is just the right mix for your party, and will be there every step of the way to ensure it is a trip to remember fro a lifetime. 


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