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The premier motor coach & charter bus rental company servicing Queens, New York. Book your charter bus now by calling 855-826-6770.



Queens Bus Rental

Rent a Charter Bus to Visit Queens

At GOGO Charters, we want to be your first call for buses to rent for trips throughout America, and we have a special focus on Queens in NYC. Our travel company puts you in touch with charter services for buses and other large group transportation throughout America. When you call 1-855-826-6770, you will find the modern buses with dependable drivers that you have been seeking. We have vetted buses in all major USA cities, and we know the best buses, minibuses, tour buses and motor coach businesses in NYC. When you speak to our friendly staff, you will see we are the 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week service you need to plan a full-day or multi-day tour in NYC. For affordable rates for a charter bus, call us now for a reservation.

Why travel around in Queens in a private bus?

Affordability, convenience and getting a chance to relax are the main reasons for buses being rented by corporate, private or school groups. The other reason you want to hire a bus for travel in NYC is due to the hassle of finding parking and also finding it at an affordable price. Traveling with a group of friends in separate vehicles works best in the suburbs, but in New York City, there will be several obstacles present including the time it takes to coordinate everyone. In addition, driving in NYC can also be worrisome for those unfamiliar with the unique rules of the road. Alternatively, hiring a taxi could be unaffordable depending on the distance, and taking a rented vehicle is also expensive because road tolls will need to be paid. Worse, someone gets an expensive ticket or has their car towed because they forget to pay attention to signs.

Reasons to plan day trips in Queens

When buses are rented for day trips to go to NYC with groups, there is a goal in mind. For example, your local sports bar might be sponsoring a trip to go to Citi Field to see the NY Mets, and your group will travel by bus. One of the primary reasons to get a bus to travel to a game with friends is to avoid parking costs, but also legal issues related to over-consuming alcohol. Of course, many bus renters are from schools, religious organizations and friend groups that want to get together for a special day of events such as traveling to a group of museums in NYC like MoMA’s PS1 or the New York Hall of Science. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a popular attraction in NYC because it houses multiple activities in one place on any given day. For instance, in addition to museums, Flushing Meadows Corona Park includes events at the US Open court for tennis and festivals like the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival.

Why you will find our rides have the comforts you need for a group

Are you worried about your group getting worn out with planned tour buses because they will not get enough air conditioning or heat? There is also the problem with not having enough bathroom breaks planned with some pre-organized groups. Alternatively, rented buses are full of amenities like bus bathrooms and seats with controls for heat and air. Plus, when you are in control of your bus rentals, you can expect professional drivers that understand the unique needs of your group. All you need to do is make a request, and you can get the answers you need from your driver to personalize your bus experience.

Providing options for accommodating special needs passengers

Many generic bus services do not allow you to make special accommodations for passengers with disabilities, and other options like taxis are not good options for passengers with special needs. For example, children, some elderly people and people with disabilities are better suited in bus rentals with the rest of the group instead of attempting to travel independently by train or relying on a taxi tailored for people with disabilities. Instead, a rented bus is inclusive, and it gives everyone a chance to travel without feeling left out of the group. Coordinating a bus for airline travel When you are traveling with an airline to NYC with a group, do not worry about relying on everyone waiting around to get their chance at a shuttle back to the hotel because your group is too large. Instead, renting a bus is convenient for the first night you are in town because it allows everyone to get to the hotel, check in, and then use the bus a few hours later to go get bathroom essentials not allowed on the plane from a local supermarket as well as grab a bite to eat. In other words, as far as getting a group settled when traveling for a conference, wedding, or family reunion, a rented bus can dramatically improve the transition of the trip.

Executive and corporate bus rentals

Corporate events for employees or hosting executives is easier when you have a luxury tour bus at your disposal. Instead of shuttling executives around in limos or rented cars, a luxury bus can give them more leg room. It can also create the ideal environment for informal conversation between business colleagues. When schedules are tight, a rented tour bus can also provide meeting time and space on the way to the airport. For corporate employees, coordinating a group to an event such as a charity work day or employee appreciation party at Citi Field are excellent reasons to hire luxury and high-end bus rental services.

Leave the worry behind and enjoy your day with bus rentals

GOGO Charters is the place to call when you need to rent a private bus for groups going to Queens NYC. We can help each of your passengers feel reassured that their needs will be met when you make reservations with us. To learn more about the bus companies we work with in NYC, call 1-855-826-6770 today. Our friendly staff are dedicated to helping you, and we want to thank you in advance for choosing GOGO Charters for your next trip.


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Charter Bus Rental Rates from QUEENS, NEW YORK

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