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Chicago Charter Bus Rental Company

GOGO Charters Chicago is the premier minibus, motor coach & charter bus rental company servicing Chicago, Illinois. Book your charter bus now by calling 855-826-6770.


Allow GOGO Charters to be your one-stop shop for all your Chicago charter bus and group transportation services. As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago has plenty to offer. With a gorgeous lakefront scene, Chicago features annual attractions such as Lollapalooza and the Air and Water Show. While this city is continuously buzzing with energy and visitors, it can be quite hectic getting around. GOGO Charters makes traveling by charter bus simple!


Chicago Charter Bus & Minibus Rental Company

Chicago Charter bus rental - GOGO Charters

Rent the Ideal Charter Bus for Your Group In Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, so you can imagine the hectic traffic and the time you would lose if you were to travel to attractions, conference centers, business meetings and other events using public transportation. There are even more complications if you're traveling with a group in Chicago - public transportation is definitely not an option then!

The next affordable solution for exploring the city is a Chicago bus rental provided by GOGO Charters, the best Chicago charter bus company. Why? Because we welcome our customers with amazing deals and we take pride in our reputation. We are considered the number one charter bus company in North America, so we will always provide an impeccable charter bus and flawless customer service.

Even if you're looking for a last minute bus rental, we can often provide groups with buses in 2 hours or less. Call us today at 1-855-826-6770 and choose the best charter bus Chicago for your group. Chat with one of our bus reservation specialists to get recommendations for the perfect charter bus.

Feel the Rhythm of Chicago

Being such an impressive metropolis, Chicago is always a top destination for visitors and business professionals, providing fascinating sights and plenty of modern conference and convention centers. Of course, whenever there's a group trip involved, Chicago public transportation isn't always the most comfortable and safe option, and the hectic traffic makes traveling by car a nightmare.

The only solution for a pleasant and safe journey around Chicago is a charter bus. But not just any charter bus! We recommend charter buses rented from GOGO Charters, not only because we can guarantee a safe and comfortable trip, but also because we have amazing deals and our customer service is impeccable.

Sights: Expect to discover an impressive number of attractions, architectural masterpieces, museums, and fun things to do in Chicago. If you're here on vacation, make sure you include these sights in your itinerary: the buildings in Hyde Park/Kenwood, Oak Park and Rogers Park, the skyscrapers in the Loop, the Sears Tower, Trump Tower, and the Aon Center.

Ethnic Neighborhoods: Don't forget to ask your charter bus driver to take you to some of the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago to discover other cultures. Chinatown, Seoul Drive, Little Italy, Greektown and the Polish Village are some of the "must-see" districts of Chicago.

Parks: Parks are everywhere in Chicago, so you will find plenty of green areas where you can recharge your batteries, away from asphalt and traffic noise. However, the locals often prefer to go to the beaches of Lake Michigan and enjoy a sunny day there. You can consider this, too, during your trip to Chicago!

Events and Festivals: Many groups visit Chicago to attend famous events and festivals such as Taste of Chicago, the Blues Fest, Lollapalooza, and Jazz Fest. These are times when charter buses are in high demand, so it's best to plan ahead for your visit to Chicago during this period. Call us at 1-855-826-6770 to rent your bus a few weeks in advance.

Day Trips: Groups who come to Chicago usually choose to rent a Chicago charter bus for their sightseeing trips to Detroit and Louisville, as well as Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

Church Group Transportation in Chicago

Church group trips are great opportunities for fellowship, and hiring a charter bus gives you more quality time together. Whether your group is traveling to a worship event, social justice program, service project, or social outing in Chicago or beyond, making the journey as a group can minimize the hassle of travel!

Making Travel Easy

It can be frustrating to coordinate carpooling and rides for church group outings. Members may have varying levels of driving experience. Some church members may not live nearby. Others can probably only fit so many people in their vehicle. And that's even before you start looking at insurance liabilities. Does your church's insurance policy cover individual members' cars? What about passengers in those cars? Rent a bus and let us worry about the driving! We can pick up your group at a central location. No need to worry about separating people, sorting out funds for gas and tolls, or making sure all drivers have directions to the venue.

Travel in Comfort

When you rent a bus, your parishioners arrive well-rested and ready for whatever adventures await to inspire them. On-board restrooms and electronics charging stations ensure a high level of comfort. Clean and luxurious seating means that folks don't have to worry about getting mussed and wrinkled from being crammed into cars. And there's plenty of room for luggage in compartments under the bus for groups taking overnight trips.

Qualified Drivers

We only work with drivers who are professional and have your safety and comfort in the forefront of their minds. They are knowledgeable about Chicago-area roads, as well as out-of-town roads. No need to worry about weather, construction, or traffic accidents that will delay your trip. The drivers are prepared for anything, and ready to meet your group's travel needs.

Get On Board with Bus Rental for Corporate Travel

For most companies, corporate events are vital to the success of an organization. Whether it's related to the products and services your company provides or just an opportunity for team-building and socializing, these events will be most successful when everyone's there - and that's where a charter bus comes in.

Time is Precious

When you travel with us, you can be assured that all members of your party will arrive on time safely, regardless of whether your event is in downtown Chicago, the suburbs, or beyond. Company time is precious, and the drivers we work with know the most efficient routes, making changes as needed to avoid potential delays related to weather or construction.

Eliminate event delays because of missing attendees, alleviate concerns about assigning drivers and allocating passengers, and reduce worry about insurance coverage and how much of the company policy extends to employees driving personal vehicles to workplace events. Skip the time and energy required to process dozens of expense reports requesting reimbursement for tolls, gas, and mileage. Leave the driving to us!

Traveling by Bus

Employees will enjoy comfortable and roomy seats when you rent a bus. Take care of last-minute projects or presentations with on-board electrical outlets. Your staff will arrive at the event at the top of their game, ready to close deals or network with customers and colleagues alike.

You'll ride with professional drivers who are qualified to handle any kind of road or weather condition. They can navigate around roadwork, accidents, or traffic. The large luggage area under the bus means that any accompanying equipment like easels, projectors, and more can also safely travel with you. Hiring a bus for your corporate event is a great transportation option. You can ensure no one gets lost, and there's ample room for any work-related supplies you might have.

Wedding Transportation in Chicago

Pulling off the perfect Chicago wedding can be stressful enough without worrying about transportation issues. That's where a charter bus comes in. Lots of people may think chartering a bus is an expensive wedding day luxury, but for your peace of mind, there's no better way to get you and your bridal party, and your guests, to the wedding venues you've selected.

Make it Easy

Avoid the concern about people driving themselves from the hotel to the church, or from the church to the photo spot you've chosen. Wedding day timelines can be strict, and traveling by bus can minimize the chances that people may hold up the group by arriving late or not showing up at all and missing everything. For example, if you're planning wedding photos in the financial district before your reception at The Metropolitan Club, you don't want to worry about guests spending a lot of time trying park their personal vehicles - traveling together as a group just makes wedding day travel easier.

Experienced Drivers

In addition, a qualified driver is well-versed in alternative routes, so there's no need to worry about a traffic accident or construction causing delays on your big day. Likewise, the weather in Chicago can change quickly; by having transportation arranged ahead of time, there's one less concern for your guests, allowing them to enjoy your event, carefree.

Personal Comfort

A rental bus can ensure that people are relaxed and refreshed upon arrival. Room to spread out and feel comfortable on this important day is key. After all, big dresses take up a lot of room and you don't want any fashion mishaps before the reception. And rental tuxedos aren't inexpensive - no one wants to return a suit looking anything less than perfect. High-end seating fabric protects your clothing while state-of-the-art air-conditioning keeps everyone feeling cool in summer.


On-board electronic charging stations provide those small amenities that people remember and appreciate. Big occasions are prime opportunities for forgetting things like charging cell phones! Keep those candid snapshots coming, and record that best man's great toast with fully charged smartphones and cameras.

Coordinating a bus rental for your wedding transportation allows you to spend more time and energy focused on the most important part of your wedding day - each other.

How Much Does a Bus Rental Cost in Chicago?

To give you an idea of how much a trip costs, a group traveling from Chicago to St. Louis, MO might pay around $2,254 roundtrip. Several major factors play into the cost which you can read about in our comprehensive pricing guide. Get a detailed quote for your upcoming trip in Austin, Texas by calling us now at 1-855-826-6770.

Your Chicago Event Deserves a Modern Charter Bus

Since Chicago is an important business center, many business events, conferences, conventions, and seminars take place here monthly. Charter buses are often the best solution for transportation to and from the locations of these events; top multinational companies, as well as local companies often choose to work with GOGO Charters. Rent your charter bus in Chicago today from GOGO Charters. Call us now at 1-855-826-6770 and receive your Chicago charter bus rental quote instantly.

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Jul 07, 2014
No Substitute For Great Service

This service was outstanding from the second the customer service picked up the phone until we got off the bus. The booking process, communication, and everything else was outstanding.

Jul 26, 2014
luxury charter buses in chicago

I do agree that the staff is really nice. The buses on the website also seem really new. Keep in mind however that those are just pictures and I'm sure the most attractive ones are chose, like our facebook pics. Comparably the buses are new but there are several other bus companies on Chicago that also offer newer ones. The main difference is that you're booking with a nationwide company.

Jul 31, 2014

Staff is very friendly on the phone. If you're never rented a charter bus they will take their time to explain the entire booking process. For those with a budget they explain any potential fees. Extremely impressed by the quality of customer service. Company is a model for any other bus companies in Chicago.

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