School Field Trip Bus Travel in Chicago

Rely on GOGO Charters for safe and efficient travel to all of your school-related events in Chicago. We’ll pair your group with a certified driver and comfortable Chicago bus rental to make your trip comfortable and educational.

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School Event Bus Travel in Chicago

Whether it’s a college tour, field trip, Greek event, sporting event, or other school activity, GOGO Charters has everything you need to secure reliable transportation for all passengers. We book buses of all sizes to accommodate all types of groups, no matter their needs or requests.

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Comfortable, Reliable Travel

All buses booked through GOGO Charters come with comfortable amenities such as air conditioning, reclining seats, and plenty of legroom. Students can enjoy on-board entertainment such as WiFi and televisions with DVD players while chaperones can take the time to relax on the way to your destination. We can even find you a full-sized coach with on-board restrooms to help eliminate unnecessary stops on long-distance journeys.

Field Trips with a Private Bus

On your next Chicago field trip, enjoy personalized transportation to the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago. the Ernest Hemingway Birthplace, or to the Adler Planetarium. Students will remain organized on your bus while your driver handles all navigation, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride before reaching your destination.

You won’t need to worry about driving through Chicago’s busy streets-- we’ll pair you with an experienced driver who will make sure you travel to every stop without a worry. You can set your own itinerary tailored to your school group and travel on your time everywhere you go.

Tour Chicago’s Top Schools

Planning a campus tour in Chicago for your students? We’ll provide you with a modern minibus to make your tour of the city comfortable. Let your driver transport you to campus stops and city stops so that you can get to know your students’ future home without worrying about driving. You can build a completely customized itinerary with as many or as few stops as you’d like to create a personalized college tour just for your group. Whether you’ll be staying in city limits or venturing to Northwestern University in Evanston, we’ve got your travel needs covered.

Easy Travel to Sporting Events

Whether it’s an elementary, high school, or college game, GOGO Charters has everything you need to schedule reliable transportation for your team. We’ll make sure you’re covered with a 56-passenger charter bus to accommodate all of your team members, staff members, and coaches with comfortable seating, extra legroom, and plenty of storage space. All away-game travel will progress smoothly with a private bus and driver just for your team.

Communal Travel to All School Events

No matter where you’re headed, your group can enjoy time aboard your bus to socialize, play ice-breaker games, get to know one another, or simply relax and enjoy the ride. No one will have to volunteer their car or get stuck driving for hours at a time. Your personal bus will allow everyone to relax while you travel through Chicago.

Book a Bus for Your Chicago School Event

Rely on GOGO Charters to transport students, faculty, staff, and chaperones to all of your upcoming Chicago school events! No matter your group’s needs, we’ll find the perfect charter bus for your trip. Call us today at 312-546-3925 to schedule your school event bus, or to learn more about our other Chicago services, such as weddings, corporate trips, sporting events, private trips, and more!

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