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Santa Barbara Is California (And More of It) Vacationers know Santa Barbara, Calif. for its high-end homes, shops and lifestyles, to say nothing of its legendary weather -- but things could have been different if some officials had had their way more than a century ago. The powers that opted to woo the film industry to town, opening Flying "A" Studios, America's first cinema producer, in 1910. Communities to the south staked their futures on oil and gas production -- the rest is history. We're GOGO Charters, your premiere bus rental service to and around the city. Those lofty lifestyles and sweeping ocean vistas are old hat to us, as Santa Barbara is among the more than 200 locales we make reservations for. Pick your destination, grab your camera and get ready for a travel experience second to none! Call 1-855-626-6770 24/7 for more.

Sights And Sounds of the City

If you can't find it anywhere along the city's State Street, it's not worth having. State is downtown's celebrated main drag, a clone of L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard among people-watchers, window-shoppers and residents. Eateries, shops, walking areas and city landmarks meet here as the city shows itself off. This March, The Beach Boys will play the city, an anchor to the culture they immortalized in song -- where else would they rock the house but at the Arlington Theatre, a masterpiece of Spanish mission revival architecture with 2,000 seats and a ceilingful of twinkling stars. Concerts, plays, film festivals and special events find a home here, and whatever your taste in entertainment, so will you. Spending the day in an administration building might not sound like a way to while your vacation time, until you set foot in the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Its grand classic revival architecture features a 6,700-square-foot mural room depicting the city's timeline and a spectacular gardenscape of native flora where weddings are often held. The California mission, tenth among the 21 facilities founded by Junipero Serra's Franciscan fathers, opened in 1786 and is the city's chief historic site. A 12-acre garden landscape opens onto the stately church, mausoleum, cemetery and museum. The facility is called the state's "Queen of the Missions," and not without reason. From its humble beginnings as a post office, the Museum of Art has become one of the city's cultural mainstays. Its 60,000 square feet include a 50,000-book library, a 154-seat auditorium and an exhaustive collection of prints, drawings, photographs and sculpture. If you like a little Pacific Ocean and mountain range with your entertainment, the city's zoo is the place to go. Thirty seaside acres of botanical gardens and animal exhibits (including spectacular elephant and lion habitats) serve as the facility's nod to environmental education and conservation. The venue has been ranked several times as one of the country's best small zoos. Tucked away from it all is the elite seaside community of Montecito, home to some of the country's wealthiest residents (like Oprah) and grandest ocean vistas. Don't let the luxury fool you -- Montecito also sports 15 hiking trails and limitless natural settings from which to enjoy the views. High rollers and just plain folks mingle on tree-shaded streets and under the legendary California sky to celebrate an outpost of the American dream.

The Great Outdoors

At the Douglas Family Preserve, city and country are one and the same. Located in a central neighborhood, the 70-acre open space is noted for its striking array of native habitat. Coastal oak, pine and cypress trees cross paths with varieties of nonnative plants and wildlife in a restored area that provides a home for the monarch butterfly, which now faces startlingly dwindling numbers. There's one thing cooler than looking at all that water -- being on it. Enter Cal Coast Adventures, whose coastal kayak tours are just the thing to let you experience the city from the other side. Harbor landmarks vie for your attention as seals and dolphins frolic in the distance. Four different tours assure you'll see all you want as the city gazes from afar. Every state (including Alaska) makes its own wine, but California's products lead 'em all in quality and value. You can indulge yourself accordingly with a bike tour of the region's wine country through quaint, lush towns and in an array of settings -- and I Bike Santa Barbara Wine Tours provides the wine, the bike and lunch. While kayas and bikes are ideal ways to sightsee, another one involves a live partner. Horseback riding is a staple activity in the county's backcountry, and the Nojoqui Horse Ranch, accessible by charter bus, is one of several vendors that know the lay of the land like no one else (except maybe the horse). As if you needed another reason to get out: Condor Express Whale Watching is all its name says it is. The time you visit might not be the best for the whales, but never fear; legions of dolphins and sea lions are always nearby. Park service guides have been at this forever, expertly accommodating you during the 4 1/2-hour trip.

Restaurants And Nightlife

One girl's recent outing at Bouchon was understandably a little raucous, as she was at a bachelorette party -- but she noted that this high-end eatery is also as unstuffy as they come. Delicious French cuisine is de rigueur here, and it features a to-die-for cauliflower puree. The host even greeted the bride-to-be with a free dessert and a welcome card. It's been said the bartenders at Joe's Cafe have never poured a single in their lives -- and one visit will make a believer out of you. Jaded divorcees, hard-charging frat boys and everybody in betwen mingle with good ol' American grub and different ways to pass the time. "Just listen," reads some promotional material from the city's beloved symphony -- and with an orchestra so committed to music education and community engagement, how can you refuse? Some 30,000 people enjoy their group annually at the restored Granada Theatre.


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