The best of us have experienced wanderlust in random bouts. It springs up when you scroll through Instagram, see a friend of a friend hike the Appalachian mountains, or when your coworker takes a year-long break to explore 3 continents. There’s an overwhelming desire to explore life outside of your comfort zone, but you have certain commitments that hold you back. Work, relationships, your bank account—the list is endless.

You’ll be happy to know that GOGO Charters has a cure-all solution to your travel worries. We believe that the cheapest way to explore the world is to get lost in your favorite book. You can climb mountains, sail across the oceans, run through endless landscapes and still stay in your comfort zone. Unless you’re a rebel, then you can have the best of both worlds: travel across cities in your charter bus with a juicy book as your loyal travel companion.

Whether you traveling by minibus rental in Phoenix, traversing the Windy City with a Chicago charter bus, or going from beachy San Diego up to the historic city of DC, we have a list of 7 books that can beat any road trip fatigue. Not only can you rely on GOGO Charters for your group transportation; but our book recommendations are also pretty great. Check out the list now to soak up some much-needed knowledge:

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Eat, Pray, Love

By Elizabeth Gilbert

A travelogue about a woman’s journey around the world, Eat, Pray, Love is about the search for one’s true self. In this non-fiction memoir, the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, faces a multitude of problems, beginning with a terrible divorce and ending with a tear-jerking affair. Once she realizes how suffocating the negativity is becoming in her surroundings, she decides to leave behind her life in New York by booking a year-long trip to Italy, India and Indonesia. The reader lives vicariously through Elizabeth, as she enjoys 4 months of eating and drinking in Italy, 3 months of intense meditation in India, and the rest of the year in Bali hoping to find inner balance and completion.

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The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

In the Alchemist, Santiago, a shepherd boy from Andalusia, follows his dreams across several countries. From Spain to Egypt, he travels with the hope to find treasure but ends up discovering himself instead. In this novel, we follow Santiago as he learns the lessons life teaches him. From understanding the meaning of love to conquering fears, this book is a truly inspiring read for those seeking to chase their dreams.

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On the Road
By Jack Kerouac

Sal Paradise leaves New York City and goes on a road trip of the United States in the 1940s. Eager to enjoy every moment of his youth, he heads west to San Francisco in search of the experiences the world has to offer. Through hitchhiking, he makes new friends, experiences impromptu adventures, attends parties and engages in spur-of-the-moment rendezvous. His mentality throughout his journey is to go with the flow, regardless of where he ends up. As a result, he learns more about himself through his travels and the friendships he makes along the way.

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Life of Pi
By Yann Martel

This story begins with Pi Patel and his family who are born and bred in Pondicherry, India. They make a living through ownership of the Pondicherry Zoo and eventually decide to move to Canada amidst political struggles. They travel on a ship, packed with animals, eager to reach their destination. However, disaster strikes and the ship sinks, leaving Pi as the only survivor along with a tiger, orangutan, zebra and hyena. Through the circle of life, all the animals are killed, leaving behind just Pi and Richard Parker, the tiger. The reader is taken on a rocky journey as Pi is stranded on the ocean with his feline friend, aboard a tiny sailboat for 227 days.

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By Rolf Potts

Vagabonding is the perfect book for those seeking to finally invest in a long-term vacation. This is a guidebook summarizing the author’s nomadic journey that lasted around 10 years. In it, Rolf Potts writes about his in depth encounters, followed by tips and tricks for the road, learning how to budget wisely, making sacrifices to fuel your wanderlust and living a clutter-free life while venturing from one country to the next. Its honest and matter-of-fact wording will have you wondering why it took you so long to reach this point—it’s truly a book for the traveler in all of us.

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Travels with Charley: In Search of America
By John Steinbeck

What’s better than a story about a man and his best friend? In this 1960s novel, John Steinbeck writes about his journey across America with his wife’s Standard French Poodle, Charley. This novel isn’t an autobiography, but rather a mix of truth with imagination. In this story, John had limited time left to live and wanted to make the most of it. He yearned to see the country that he had dedicated so many years to, and proceeded to make the decision to tour as many states as he could. In order to make his dream a reality, he rents a GMC pick up truck that he named “Rocinante” – after the horse in the Spanish novel Don Quixote – and along with Charley, they prepare for the ultimate road trip.

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My Spiritual Journey
By The Dalai Lama 

The 14th Dalai Lama, one of the most important leaders of our generation, narrates his detailed life story in My Spiritual Journey. Not only is this book a knowledgeable read on meditation and the deeper spiritual meaning of life, it also provides an in-depth description of Tibetan Buddhism, stories from the Dalai Lama’s life, encounters with influential figures as well as his insightful view on mankind. From discussing topics like compassion, peace, happiness and kindness, the Dalai Lama guides the reader through life’s immense challenges with ease.

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Chase Your Wanderlust with GOGO Charters

Feeling like a book worm already? That was our intention. It’s time to pick your favorite book and plan your journey to any city of your choice with GOGO Charters.

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