New York Charter Bus Parking Guide

New York City is a fan-favorite destination for sightseeing groups and excursions of all sizes! That being said, getting around town in a New York City charter bus rental requires careful planning to ensure your ride’s parking, staging, and route navigation comply with NYC tour bus regulations.

Not sure where to start? Never fear—the GOGO Charters team has put together this guide to loading, unloading, and parking a charter bus in New York, so your group can book with confidence!

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Park-and-Ride for NYC Bus Rentals


It’s worth saying that while navigating a bus rental through New York City is possible, many out-of-town groups opt to park their motorcoach outside the city and rely on public transit to move through NYC. Considering the steps your driver must take to stage a bus in Manhattan, the park-and-ride option can be a more efficient option for groups that can move independently, like corporate travelers, college students, and groups that don’t mind splitting into multiple taxis.

Charter buses from New Jersey can park at Liberty State Park for a small fee, so passengers may take the ferry or PATH train into Lower Manhattan. Groups can also park their charter bus in Queens and take advantage of the bus-friendly lot at the NY Waterway Ferry Terminal in Long Island City. Parking is free if you purchase a ferry ticket—which offers easy access to Midtown Manhattan and a fun experience for out-of-town tour groups who have never taken a ferry before.

Liberty State Park

1 Audrey Zapp Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305


NY Waterway Ferry Terminal, Long Island City

46th Ave and Center Blvd, Long Island City, NY 10044


That being said, not all groups can or want to leave their ride outside city limits. If you’re traveling with a crowd of K-12 students or a group of folks who use mobility aids, navigating public transit can be a daunting task. That’s where a private New York bus rental can come in handy! The rest of this guide will provide information regarding staging and NYC charter bus parking instructions for New York minibus rentals, charter bus services, and ADA-compliant coach buses that plan to traverse Manhattan.

A NYC traffic lane designated for buses

Tour Bus Regulations in Manhattan

Groups opting to take an NYC charter bus rental in Manhattan are required to have a route slip: a document that shows where your bus is coming from, where it is going, and what streets it plans to take in between. Your charter bus driver will need to have your route slip within arm’s reach for the duration of your travels in Manhattan and be able to present it to authorities if needed.

Your motorcoach may not idle its engine while parked unless the outside temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit—in which case your bus may idle for up to three minutes for the safety of the passengers and the vehicle. 

Last but not least, your bus rental in NYC must drive along the city’s designated truck routes as much as possible. Your motorcoach will only be allowed to leave the truck routes when it’s necessary to reach your destination—and even then, your motorcoach must depart the truck route at the closest intersection to your destination and return to the route immediately. Get in touch with the NYC Department of Transportation to request an updated map of the city’s truck routes before your group’s departure date for optimal efficiency.

Where to Park Your New York Bus Rental

The NYC DOT offers detailed guidance on where to park a charter bus in New York City, but here are the broad strokes. Due to the densely packed nature of Manhattan, NYC tour bus parking is mostly limited to designated bus street parking spots. These metered spaces can be found near Battery Park, south of Tribeca, and the Lower East Side. You can pay these parking meters $20 per hour or a flat rate (depending on the meter) using a credit card or the ParkNYC mobile app. There is a strict 3-hour limit for these spots, and your bus is prohibited from idling or double-parking.

Staging, Loading, Unloading a NYC Charter Bus

Stage a Bus in NYC

While your group explores Manhattan destinations on foot, your bus driver will be waiting for you at designated bus layover areas, otherwise known as staging areas. These areas are where your bus driver temporarily waits with the bus before picking up your passengers. Official bus layover spots are located throughout the city, but many are located in Midtown and near major transportation hubs.

Loading and Unloading Your Bus

As for hopping on and off your motorcoach, your passengers can expect many of the same regulations you’ll find with parking a tour bus in New York. Don’t load and unload your bus in travel lanes or crosswalks, don’t stop your bus at MTA bus stops, and be ready to step aboard or disembark your bus as quickly as possible—your motorcoach can only linger in a loading zone for a limited amount of time.

A white bus parks at the curb of a city street

Bus Parking at NYC Popular Destinations

9/11 Memorial and Museum Bus Parking

Due to security concerns, you’ll need to apply for specific permits to park a bus rental at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Your bus driver can drop off and pick up everyone along the east side of West Street between Barclay and Vesey Streets. From there, your group will enter the museum through its southeast entrance.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007


Broadway and Theatre District Bus Parking

After detouring from the nearest truck routes—along W 42nd Street and 8th Avenue—and unloading your theatre enthusiasts, your driver can find tour bus parking meters along the north side of Barclay Street. Your Broadway bus rental can wait for you there for up to 3 hours, so be sure your group is mindful of the time as they head back to the designated loading zone!

Central Park Bus Parking

Most of the park’s major entrances offer loading and unloading zones for tour buses—especially along the southern border on 59th Street. Parking spaces for Central Park bus rentals, however, are limited, depending on how long your group plans to spend exploring the greenspace. If you’re popping in for a quick walking tour of the major statues and landmarks, your ride can wait for you in one of Midtown’s designated bus layover areas. But if you’re planning a NYC school field trip to the Museum of Natural History, the Met, or other buildings along the park’s borders, your tour bus will need to park at one of the metered spots near Rockefeller Park.

Central Park

W 44th St & 45th Street, New York, NY 10036


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