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If you’re a large group looking for a tour bus in Orlando, GOGO Charters has you covered. We book modern, comfortable motorcoaches designed to accommodate bands, production crews, athletes, political campaign teams, and more as they travel across the country. No matter your group’s needs, we’ll find the Orlando bus rental that’s right for you. Call us today at 407-792-0330 to get started!

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Restful Sleep on the Road

With up to 12 private bunks available on your private sleeper bus, everyone can enjoy restful sleep on the road. Within each bunk, you can request amenities such as individual air conditioning and lighting, cubbies, and televisions. Curtains allow extra privacy so that each passenger can have their own space.

Unwind After a Show

After a day full of rehearsing, playing shows, unpacking and packing your gear, and taking care of every other tedious detail that goes into a tour, you can enjoy some much-needed recreation aboard your entertainer bus. With televisions, satellite, DVD players, WiFi, auxiliary plugs, and speakers available to add to your tour bus rental, you can enjoy a fine entertainment system with your tourmates as you hit the road towards your next stop.

Unlimited Food & Drink, Right on Your Bus

With a tour bus, you won’t need to stop at fast food restaurants for every meal. Many models come with a galley kitchenette equipped with a compact refrigerator, sink, microwave, coffee maker, and counter space. You can prepare meals on your bus to enjoy with your tourmates while eliminating extra stops along your trip.

On-Board Toilets and Restrooms

Live like you’re in a mobile hotel room with full bathrooms on your tour bus. Request a sleeper coach with a compact toilet, sink, shower, and vanity space so that everyone can take turns prepping for the show or rinsing off after a long night of performing.

Storage for Every Group’s Needs

Whether you’re a performer, an athlete, or you’re heading out on a political campaign tour, we know you’ve got plenty of things to store on your bus. You’ll have more than enough room for everything with spacious storage bays under your coach’s living area. Keep equipment and luggage out of sight while you travel for a clutter-free living space.

Booking Your Own Tour Bus

Call our reservation specialists at 407-792-0330 to discuss a tour bus rental for your traveling group! We’ll discuss pricing, bus options, amenity options, and more to find the perfect coach for you. Our team is available 24/7 to help you start planning your tour-- contact us today to get started!

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